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Greek dog names can be the perfect choice if you own one of few breeds attributed to hailing from Greece. However, these are only a few breeds, including a type of Poodle and hound, but these choices can be just as perfect if you are of this heritage or simply like the sound of Greek names, or even fell in love with Greece while on a vacation there.

No matter if your pup is large or small in size, you should choose a unique Greek title that your pal can easily hear and understand. You don't want to call out one that is so common that all the dogs in the neighborhood come running when calling your own pup at dinnertime, as feeding one pooch can get expensive enough!

Our Greek Names For Dogs

This word refers to a type of plant and means "thorny;” however, the sound of this choice is quite pleasing and would make a great female Greek dog name.

Alexander: This choice means "defender of mankind" making is a perfect choice for your strong male pooch.

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Apollo: This is the name of the mythical God of Truth and Light. What better Greek title for your male or female pal that means the world to you?

Calamari: This refers to squid or octopus, a favorite food of this region and an interesting sounding word for a pooch's name.

Cicero: This means "historian” and brings to mind a pooch that is intelligent and quirky.

Daphne: Meaning "laurel tree" this is a perfect Greek choice for your dainty and pretty lady canine.

Delta: Another letter from the alphabet of ancient Greece, this choice refers to the mouth of a river because of the letter's triangular shape; a fitting choice for a dog that loves the water.

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Dorian: For either gender, this means "of the sea".

Olive Oil: Not only is this Popeye's girlfriend when spelled differently, it is one of the most healthy cooking oils and very popular in the Greek islands and considered to add years to a person's life.

Omega: This is the final letter of the ancient alphabet of this land is means "the end.” This would be a great choice for an owner that belonged to a fraternity or sorority with these same letters.

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