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If your looking for French dog names for your French Bulldog, Mastiff, Poodle, or just because you're French yourself, then you've come to the right place.

French Poodle puppy looking for French dog names

If any dog breed deserves a good French dog name it's the French Mastiff being one of the oldest French breeds. Used during the Middle Ages for hunting and dog fighting, this French dog was also long known as the "butcher dog" because butchers often used them to protect their homes.

The French Bulldog, another popular breed that deserves a good French Dog Name, can trace it's roots back to the mid 1800's where they were prized ratters and beloved for their being such good bodyguards.

And of course, last but not least, only a name from France would do for the French Poodle. This beautiful, statuesque dog has always ranked high on the overall popularity list, which, when you see one you'll understand why.

So whether you're looking for French names for the above mentioned breeds, or for any breed for that matter, check out our list below for some great naming ideas.

Our French Names For Dogs
Qui! Qui!

Adair Darcelle Julianne Nicolette
Adele Darcy Juliette Nina
Adieu Darryl Julius Nirvana
Agnés Denise Justine Noël
Aimée Dione Kali Normandy
Alain Dior Karma Obéron
Aletta Dominique Katherine Odette
Alexia Dorian Kati Olaf
Alexis Dubois Kazan Olive
Alicia Duchesse Khalid Oliver
Alison Edelweiss Kiki Olivette
Allard Edgard Kimba Olivia
Amandine Effie Kira Olivier
Amelie Elaine Koko Ollie
Amelot Elisa Lamont Ombre
Anabelle Elle Lancelot Ophelia
Andre Elois Lanelle Orion
Angeline Elvire Lasko Osannah
Angelique Emeline Laurens Oscar
Antoinette Emilie Laurent Oslo
Annette Emma Laverne Othello
Anton Ester Leblanc Paloma
Antonio Estelle Léon Panini
Airelle    Eve Leroy Paris
Armand    Evelyne Lisa Pascal
Aubrey Fabian Lissette Pasteur
Aurele    Fanny Lionel Patrice
Baron Faustine Lola Paula
Béatrice Fidele Lolita Pax
Beaux Fifi Lourdes Pénélope
Belinda Flora Lucas Pépita
Bénédict Florence Ludwiq Perrot
Bernadette Franchesca Lulu Petra
Bernard Francis Lyle Pétula
Bertran Fredéric Lynette Picard
Bertrand Gabby Mabel Pierre
Bette Gabrielle Macé Pirouette
Bettina Gazelle Madeleine Pollux
Bisou Georgette Magdeline Praline
Blaise Gerard Mallory Quentin
Blanche Germaine Malo Rachel
Bonaparte Gigi Mandarine Raine
Bordeaux Gilles Marc Raphaël
Bourgeois Gina Marceau Régina
Brice Gino Marcel Rémi
Brie Giselle Marcelle Rémus
Brigitta Grégory Margot Renard
Brigitte Gucci Marguerite Rene
Bruneau Gunter Mari Robers
Bruno Hector Marie Romaine
Camille Heidi Marlène Roméo
Cardin Hélène Marion Rosalie
Carine Henriette Matéo Rose
Carmine Hermès Mathias Rosemarie
Carvel Hervé Matilde Roxane
Cecilie Hidalgo Matisse Sabine
Cédric Hortense Maurice Sabrina
Céleste Hugo Mavis Sarah
Céline Igor Mercedes Savane
Chablis Indi Merlin Serge
Chanel Indigo Merlot Sienna
Chantal Iris Michelle Siméon
Cherie Isabel Mignon Sofia
Charlemagne Isabelle Mimi Sophie
Charlotte Isidore Mirabelle Stéphane
Cher Isis Miranda Stéfanie
Cheri Ivanhoé Mistral Suzanne
Cherise Ivette Monet Suzette
Chevalier Jacqueline Monette Tango
Chiffon Jacques Monica Tara
Claire Jacqui Monique Tasmine
Claudette Jade Montserrat Tess
Clovis Janelle Mozart Tiara
Colette Janine Nadine Tina
Corbie Jean Nanette Titus
Corinne Jock Naomi Trémain
Cosette Joël Napoleon Tristen
Crystal Johan Natalie Triumph
Curtis Jojo Neron Tunis       
Damien Jolette Névé Uriel
Damon Jolie Neville Valentine
Daniel Joséphine Nico Valérie
Danielle Joy Nicolas Vénus
Daphne Jules Nicole Victoria

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