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There are countless reasons why British dog names are given to a pup by their owners. Perhaps they come from English heritage. Perhaps they love the dry wit of British films and novels. Of course, you might just like one of the British-sounding words for your pet. The reason isn’t as important as the choice you make. You may say the name you select as many as 30,000 times during your pooch’s lifetime and expect a quick response. When you are away from your four legged friend, you are likely to say the term you select many times while sharing his or her antics with friends and family members.

Some names, like Tiny for example, best suit a pooch of small size. Other names, such as Conan or Barbarian, bring to mind a large dog. Some indicate personality, like Sparky, while others represent the day of the week or month of the year you found your companion. But for those who prefer the idea of a British dog name with a bit of British twist, the list of ideas with their meanings below should be helpful to you.

 Our British Dog Names
For Male and Female

Ada: Meaning “rich” any female dog would be proud to wear this selection for a long, rich lifetime as your best friend.

Angus: This term means “strong” and, for that reason, became the naming choice of a breed of cattle known for their stout bodies and short but strong limbs. This would make a masculine dog pleased to hear as the word even sounds strong when spoken.

 Worn by the British men with a concern for fashion long after this style of necktie was out of the vogue in other parts of the world, it still is worn at times today. This would be an elegant moniker for a male pet, large or small.

Brenda: This term is used to refer to a baby raven in Britain. If your four-legged female friend is black or dark coated, this would be a perfect choice for her.

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Churchill: You could choose the surname of the British Prime Minister who led English into their part of World War II. This word brings to mind a great warrior and great thinker so it can fit a pooch who is large and strong or a smaller, thoughtful pet.

Deja: This term means “having been here before” and is a pleasant sounding word that would make a wonderful choice for any lady dog of any size, color or breed.

Enid: Meaning “perfect”, this English-influenced choice would be great for any female pup but perfect for one of pure pedigree.

Lainey: Meaning “lady of the manor”, choose this British word for an elegant, stately feminine companion canine. It can be changed into the masculine by changing it to “Lane” if you like the word but have a male companion.

Ozzie: This term is used to identify a British person who is a bit crazy but in a good and humorous sort of way. In other words, it would be used to refer to a British eccentric or one known for playful antics. For this reason, it would be a great choice for your dog because it will certainly perform some crazy antics for your amusement and always be playful as well as a bit eccentric in its likes and dislikes.

Tyne: The term for a specific river in the United Kingdom, this would make a great British choice for any female water dog such as a retriever. Of course, you could choose it simply because you like the sound or the well known female television star, Tyne Daley.

More British Dog Names To Consider

   Adian    Delbert    Fergie
   Alfred    Delton    Finnis
   Alfie    Diana    Forbes
   Allison    Dodger    Galahad
   Arlen    Douglas    Gavin
   Audrey    Earlene    Gawain
   Alistair      Edgar    Gilda
   Bard    Edward    Godiva
   Blair    Edwina    Guinevere
   Blythe    Elder    Guthrie
   Cadby    Elton    Haley
   Calhoun    Ella    Harley
   Cassidy    Erin    Harold
   Calvin    Excalibur    Harvey
   Clementine    Fagan    Hazel
   Dalton    Fallon    King
   Dane    Farley    Queen

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