Yellow Lab Names
  Find Names That Reflect It's Bright Color

You’ve come to the right place when looking for Yellow Lab names. On this page we’ve taken a bit of a Lab naming twist in that the suggestions here are after things that pay homage to things that are yellowish and bright just like this dogs sunny (Sunny is a good name choice too) personality.

Lonely Yellow Lab puppy

Anyone who owns one of these fine dogs knows what we’re talking about here, with their wonderful personality that’s complimented by their intelligence, easy trainability as well as the fact they’re great family dogs.

So are there any downsides to this breed? Well, they’re not the greatest watchdog since they love everyone, burglars included, and they tend knock over small children due to their size. Other than this, we can’t think of anything else.

With all the above virtues in mind we think they deserve the perfect name and so we offer the following...

Male & Female Yellow Lab Names
Suggestions and Lists

Buttercup: Perhaps the most common name for a lady lab, this choice reflects the beautiful yellow color of the her coat. These blossoms appear in early spring, so each time you call your canine, you'll be reminded of the warmth and beauty of spring.

Butterfinger: This popular candy bar has a chocolate outside and an inside of crispy candy which is identical to the yellow coat of this breed of pup. Your pet will love the sound of this word, even though she or he has no fingers, only pads on the toes of their feet.

Daisy: Another springtime blossom, this yellow lab name is great for a female adoptee. As pretty as a flower as she is, this name might make a good choice.

Yellow Lab puppy looking for some fun

Early: This choice is great for a male companion canine and brings to mind thoughts of the early yellow rays of the sun as it rises above the horizon.

Flame: Think of the color of a candle flame and you'll quickly realize why this is a perfect title for this coat color. You can pick this for either gender and it will fit equally well.

Goldie: This is a great choice for a lady companion canine because the term reflects perfectly the yellow color of her long fur. She'll be proud of this title because it refers to gold, one of the most precious metals around. Your pet will also have a heart of gold.

Hubba Hubba: The response all males give when they see a blonde walk by.

Marilyn: Next to your Yellow Lab who is the ultimate blonde? Marilyn Monroe of course! All other pups will love seeing your Marilyn sashay into the room or strut her stuff down at the dog park.

Three Yellow Lab puppies that can't wait to play

Star: You can't get any brighter nor burn any warmer that Star.

Sunshine: The perfect choice for a lady Lab, it can be shorted to "Sun" or “Sunny” and applied to a male pet. The choice brings to mind the yellow rays of sunshine on a bright day with few or no clouds.

Ray: The perfect title for a male that refers to the rays of the sun.

Topaz: This semi-precious gemstone is often yellow in color, making this a great Lab pick for your lady companion canine. The golden color of the stone makes it very popular for jewelry.

Even More Yellow Lab Names...

  Amber   Crouton   Ole Yeller
  Apple   Daffodil   Paris
  Aspen   Dawn   Pat
  Autumn   East   Peaches
  Bananas   Fall   Plum
  Blondie   Fawn   Puddin
  Brandy   Fire   Quiche
  Butter   Flash   Saffron
  Buttercup   Golden   Sahara
  Cake   Gloria   Sandy
  Caramel   Glory   Sunrise
  Chartreuse   Glow   Sunset
  Chiffon   Glowy   Taco
  Conch   Harlow   Tortilla
  Cornchip   Honey   Twinkie
  Corndog   Jamaica   Tweety
  Crackers   Nugget    Vanilla

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More Choices For Yellow Labs...

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