Popular Names For Dogs
After Wealth and Things That Come With It

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Fashionable dog going to the mall

They say you can't take wealth with you when you go, but these popular names for dogs after money and wealth prove you can.

Simply scroll down this list of money dog names and you'll see just how easy it can be to take Cash, Moolah and your Fortune with you wherever you go by giving your pup one of these popular names for dogs.

Also, one of the fun things that comes with wealth is the accumulation of bling, as well as fine fashion and the finest cars money can buy. That's why this page also includes popular names for dogs after those finer things as well. You may not be able to afford a Porsche or Mercedes, but you can still own one!

So which is more preferable... having cash? or owning Cash? Owning a Mercedes? or owning Mercedes? Both! if you can afford it.

$ Wealth and Money Dog Names $

Italian fashion design house

Banker: One who takes care of your money

Baron: A popular business magnate (popular cause they have $$$)

Ben: From Benjamin Franklin, on the US $100 bill

Bentley: You might not afford one, yet you can own one

Bling: Flashy or elaborate jewelry, can you ever have too much?

Bolivar: The currency in Venezuela, named after Simon Bolivar

Buffet: Warren Buffet the most successful investor in the world

Bullion: Stands for gold, silver, other precious metals bars

Cash: What we all need more of

Cashmire: For a sumptuously soft warm and popular pup

Caviar: A popular delicacy served at the finest parties

Puppy loves cash

Chalet: Upscale residence, where you relax after making millions

Crystal: Popular stemware for extravagant dinner parties

Diamond: A precious gemstone, the symbol of love

Dinero: Word for money in Spanish

Dior: After Christian Dior, famous fashion designer

Dollar: Name of Richie Rich's popular canine pal

Drachma: Greek currency, prior to the euro

Elegance: Word associated with wealth, style and money

Elite: Top notch name for your top notch dog

Emerald: Popular name for a green-eyed hound

Euro: Currency used in many European countries

Fendi: Upscale Italian fashion design house

Ferrari: Perfect moniker for a swift hound

Fortune: Another popular word for wealth

Garnet: Fun name for a red-coated dog

Gem: Sweet name for a small dog

Greenback: Slang name for currency

Gucci: Fine Italian fashions, good for a small purse pup

Hampton(s): The Hamptons, summer playground of the wealthy

Hermes: Upscale fashion house in France

Hilton: After the mega rich Hilton's

Hope: From the incredible Hope Diamond

Ingot: A precious metal cast

Jade: For your beautiful, precious puppy

Money loving dog

Jaguar: For a fast dog that seems to run on 12 cylinders

Jasper: A precious stone

Lavish: For the pup that shares an excessive abundance of love

Lexus: For a beautiful stylish and popular pooch

Limo: Transportation for wealthy people

Lira: Italian currency, prior to the euro

Lush: Another popular word for abundant

Mercedes: From Mercedes Benz, an expensive car

Monaco: Location for the wealthy

Moolah: Slang for money

Onyx: Precious stone, good for a black pooch

Paris: After Paris Hilton, a woman with expensive tastes

Payola: What many government officials are on

Penny: Doesn't buy you very much

Peso: What you spend in Mexico, doesn't buy much either

Porsche: Another great name for a swift hound

Rocky: Short for Rockefeller, industrialist, philanthropist, zillionaire

Rolex: A luxury watch line

Rolls: Rolls Royce, car of the wealthy

Ruby: A precious gemstone

Rupee: The currency of India

Sapphire: Another precious gemstone

Shekel: Israeli money

Silver: Precious metal

Swanky: A place that's luxurious

Trump: Donald Trump, real estate czar, call your dog The Donald

Versace: A high end international fashion house

Vette: After the fast, sleek, expensive Corvette

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