Cute Names For Male Dogs
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Cute names for male dogs can come in all shapes and sizes. From little sounding names like Peanut, Pee Wee, Gumball and even Tiny for a small breed, to BIG sounding names for large breeds like Brutus, Apollo, Titan and even Chewbacca after the large hairy character in the Star Wars movies.

Sometimes good names for male dogs can come from actors, things found in nature, sport figures and also after your friends or relatives. We knew of someone who named their male dog Dennis after an ex-family friend...poor Dennis the dog.

So as you slowly scan down the list of names for male dogs below you'll find a mixed variety of choices from sources that are as unique as your dog himself.

Here's Our Names For Male Dogs List...

Acapulco Resort spot in Mexico
Aledo City in Texas
Alibi Name your pal this and you will always have an Alibi
Alpha Perfect name for the top dog
Amp Good for a pooch that barks loud
Anu Dog in Aymara language
Archer Maybe good for a bow hunters dog?
Astro Name of the Jetsons cartoon pooch
Atom For the pup whose da bomb
Aviator This boy flies when called to dinner
Bacchus God of wine and good times
Bacon Name your boy dog after your favorite food
Bailey City in Texas and a darn cute dog name
Bandit Did someone steal the dog treats?
Barkie For the opinionated pooch
Beavis Sidekick to Butt-Head
Bingo Card game loved by old folks
Blaze An interesting naming choice for a fast pup
Bluto Popeye's arch enemy and admirer of Olive Oil
Bolo A type of western neckwear
Boo Cute for a small pup or one who loves Halloween
Booger They hang out in your nose
Bookie A person who takes your bets
Boomer Footballer Boomer Esiason
Boots Footwear favored by cowboys
Brewski We can see this on a dog whose owner loves sports
Brownie Sweet treat and a fun name for a brown puppy
Bubba From Hubba Bubba, a type of chewing gum
Bug Great name for a little boy breed
Bullet What comes out of a gun, good name for a fast dog
Butter Melty and delicious, never mind the calories
Buzzz Results of too much caffeine
Caddie For the owner that loves golf
Capote Truman Capote, author of Breakfast at Tiffany's
Carson After Kit, Johnny or Carson Palmer, famous Americans
Cascade The Cascades, a beautiful western US mountain range
Cerro Means peak in Spanish
Chaco Name of famous canyon in the southwest US
Chance Does your cat feel lucky today?
Charlie Name of one of JFK's dogs
Cheetah For a fast pup, or a humorous title for a slow one
Chinook Dry wind in the Rockies, and a great sporting fish
Chipper Good name for an upbeat boy canine
Churro Sugar and cinnamon Mexican treat

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Unique Names For Your Boy: These are some of the most doggone interesting names for male dogs out there.

Unusual Names For Your Boy: Unique naming ideas are one thing, unusual ones are, well, uniquely unusual. Don't ask us to explain.

Ciroc A popular brand of vodka
Cookie Sweet treat and a perfect choice for a sweet pup
Cosby Bill Cosby, actor and author
Cujo Stephen King's evil boy dog
Dallas Big hair, big oil
Danger Cats and mailmen beware!
Dash President Benjamin Harrison's dog
Dayton City in Ohio
Dinky Another name for tiny
Doogie Why not Doogie for your doggie?
Dot From polka dot, perfect for a little round pooch
Drifter This boy will move from one lap to the next
Duff(y) A really bad golf shot or golfer
Dutch Dutch is such a treat
Emir Arabic for Prince
Espresso Good choice for an energetic black dog
Fiji Tropical paradise and popular vacation spot
Flanders Ned Flanders, character from The Simpsons
Flea A dog named Flea? Hmmm...   
Ghost Perfect for a white pup
Gimlet A type of vodka or gin drink
Goblin An evil or mischievous creature
Gunner One who shoots a gun
Hacker A golfer that lacks skill
Hashi Means chopstick in Japanese
Hercules Perfect boy name for the strong dog
Hipster Someone living in Mission District of San Francisco
Hoff Nickname for David Hasselhoff
Homer Simpson papa, lover of donuts...D-Oh!
Hugo Hurricane that hit US in 1989
Huxley Aldos Huxley, author of Brave New World
Hypno Pokémon character
Jet Good for a really fast boy dog
Jimbo Diminutive form of James
Jitterbug Type of dance
Joker Great for a dog that generates laughs
Juniper A type of plant with small berries
King The canine ruler of your household
Knuckles He'll take you for a long walk off a short pier
Kojak Who loves ya baby?
Levi Famous jean maker
Lumpy Character from Leave it to Beaver
Magnum A high powered gun
Mambo Latin dance style

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Cool Names For Boys: Chosen for their high coolness factor

Clever Names For Boys: Looking for names for male dogs that will celebrate your pals clever side? Here they are...

Mango A sweet fruity fruit
Marble Round glass baubles
Marley Reggae superstar, never met a bong he didn't like
Maverick A range animal without a brand
McGyver TV show character that could get out of touchy situations
Mojo A magical charm
Nero Roman emperor from 54 to 68
Nevada State where gambling is legal
Nikon Brand of cameras
Nitro U.S. glam metal band and unpredictable explosive
Oreo Sweet name for a  black and white pooch
Outlaw All girls love a bad boy
Peanut Sweet name for a small pocket pup
Pepper Spicy vegetable
Perky Another word for upbeat
Pi 3.14 and a lot more
Plato Good name for the philosophical dog
Poe Edgar Allan Poe
Porsche Name your fast dog after a fast car
Ransom He wants THAT many dog treats to return the cat?
Reverb Short for reverberation
Rio River in Spanish
Rocket A launch vehicle
Romeo Perfect for the canine lothario
Rouge He does things his way, when he wants
Rowdy Noisey and disorderly
Rumba Latin dance style
Salty Perfect name for a  hound that lives by the sea
Saturn For the boy pup that runs rings around all others
Scooby Mystery-solving dog from TV
Scotch Whiskey from Scotland
Shank A really bad golf shot
Snoopy Cartoon pooch created by Charles Schulz
Spike For the pup raised on the wrong side of the track
Sprite A playful spirit
Spyder A model of Fiat
Tabasco Type of hot pepper
Tempest High energy wind phenomenon
Trigger Good for the dog of a hunter
Twister Another name for a tornado
Venom Poison from a snake
Veto Veto says no to your getting another dog
Wingnut For a boy pooch with big ears?
Yukon A good choice for a big breed

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