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Male Chihuahua names can vary from something fun, or even funny, to something with a masculine touch. Although these pets can weigh as little as 3-5 lbs. for the toy variety, they have a massive personality that makes up for their small stature. With this in mind, a strong, masculine title is perfectly suitable, although they aren't for every male dog.

Newborn Chihuahua cutie

Consider some of physical traits of the dog, as well as the outstanding personality characteristics. For Chihuahuas, what stands out the most is their vibrant energy and take-charge attitude that makes them the leader of any pack. It is also hard to miss the sweet face, big round eyes, and ears that seem just a tad big for their small frame. This gives them a charming look that cannot be passed up.
Remember that Chihuahuas have become extremely popular throughout the United States in the last 10-20 years, so finding a unique title for your new pet is important. This sets them apart from every other dog in the neighborhood, at the dog park, or even in their own litter. Something about that dog made him unique to you, so consider what that is before choosing a any male name.

Our Male Chihuahua Names
Suggestions and Lists

Beans: This boy will put a smile on your face every time you see him. This Chihuahua is very sharp and normally lights up a room when he enters. A wonderful pick for the pooch that when you look into his eyes your heart smiles with joy.

Bentley: A strong pick, which is also the name of a top line car. This boy is proud, confident and loyal to his owners.

Teacup Chihuahua

Boogie: Give this male Chihuahua name to the male whose bark is worse than his bite. This pooch personality is one of authority! A cool pick for the Chi that likes to be the boss.
*Somewhat similar choices: Disco, Paisley

Brownie: A great moniker for a sweet, lovable boy pup that absolutely adores being near his owners.

Cash: Money represents power, and these small dogs have a lot of power and pride. Use this for a boy that has a little attitude and a lot of confidence.

Dallas: A great city in the Southwest that is particularly known for having a large population of Chihuahuas. Whether you just like the name, you like the football team, or you live in this city, it is a great choice for your boy.

Dinky: Another word for small, this male Chihuahua name is perfect for the pup that doesn't shy away from trouble with other dogs. Dinky watches reliably over the house and yard and is very standoffish when other dogs are around.

Doodles: Doodle is typically used for a very friendly, very intelligent noodle of a dog. This little pooch is absolutely crazy about games and sports and will only take orders from you. A cool male Chihuahua name for your restless pal. 
*Kinda the same ideas: Noodles, Crouton, Scribble

Gandhi: Fashioned after a relatively small man in stature who accomplished great things, any small boy Chihuahua would be honored to wear this.

  Adonis   Dingo   Gilbert
  Aladdin    Dusty   Harley
  Baxter   Edgar   Hulk
  Beau   Elmo   Jack
  Cheddar   Elvis   Joker
  Chester   Fizz   Kaiser
  Dakota   Flick   Kenny
  Dilbert   Freud   Kilo

Lil Bear: Choose this identifier for the Chihuahua that wants nothing more than to cuddle all day. This doggie is always jealously guarding his napping spot. Another cool choice for a dog that is no longer a party animal. 
*More for the pup that thinks it's big: Grizzly, Kodiak

Little Rascal: This Chihuahua puppy name is for a boy pooch that sometimes rides the devil, but otherwise, is a little darling. This little pooch will never run for cover when he meets strange dogs as this is when the mischief will kick in.

Lucky: Whether you feel lucky to have found this dog, or this little guy is lucky to have found such a nice home, this pick can be a perfect fit for a Chihuahua that luckily got a new chance in your life.

Chihuahua puppy ready to pounce

Major: A name that demands respect, this is a great choice for a boy that has a lot of bark, or runs the household.

Nacho: This pup loathes every person on the planet except for you. This fellow is a one owner kind of boy, and it is more than happy to let everyone within earshot know it.
*More spicy choices: Tamale, Jalapeno, Pepper

Pablo: A great male Chihuahua name for the boy that originates from Mexico, a Spanish name seems fitting. In Spanish, this means “small” or “humble,” so would fit a Chihuahua perfectly.

Peanut: Good things come in small packages, much like the yummy food, so why not name your pet with this thought in mind?!

Romeo: Chihuahuas have a sweet, lovable side, so pay tribute to this adoring personality trait, by calling your male pet after the romantic character.

Skittles: This Chihuahua puppy name is for the multi- character boy who is very agile. Like the candy, this boy is very sweet however he often portrays different moods during the day. When he is in the mood for fun his dazzling features light up the room.

Taquito: Another name for the Mexican dish taco, this just seems like it would fit your little Chi perfectly. Often forthcoming and direct this Chihuahua doesn't normally have hidden agendas or any ulterior motives. A cool choice for the pooch that can handle all new ideas and situations.

  Kiwi   Nugget   Rusty
  Malcolm   Oreo   Schnitzel
  Max   Oscar   Scoobie
  Melvin   Otis   Tango
  Lewis   Peso   Tattoo
  Lexus   Quinn   Taz
  Nacho   Ringo   Tito
  Neil   Rocco   Victor

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