Male Boxer Dog Names
Pawsitively Great Names Your Boy Will Love

With so many male boxer dog names to choose from, it’s easy for a new owner to experience dog naming fatigue.

That’s why on this page we’ve tried to make things a bit easier by not only coming up with a list of name suggestions, but also a list of additional name ideas that we felt would be just the right fit for this special breed.

Boxer dog lounging around on a fall day

Boxers are medium sized dogs with short hair. Their legs are somewhat short and their bodies rather long. They have broad chests that are very muscular. Originally bred in Germany, they have short, broad skulls. Their coats are commonly brindle, fawn, white, or reverse brindle. They are beautiful dogs in stature. Boxers are the sixth most popular breed according to the American Kennel Club’s research in 2014.

Need we extol the virtues of this breed any more? You as an owner know they are too many to count, and even though we can’t add anything to this great breed, we can suggest some great names by which to call them, so here we go!

Our Male Boxer Dog Names
Suggestions and Lists

Ali: Muhammad Ali is one of the most famous boxer in the ring of all time. Born Cassius Clay, he changed his name when he entered the Muslim religion as an already successful boxer.

Brewsky: A cute male Boxer dog name for a fearless friend and protector. This boy dog will think he's the king of the house. He will enjoy staring at his reflection in the mirror.

Duke: Meaning "leader," in Latin, this name is a perfect pick for a Boxer that is looked upon as a leader. This male is noble, and will be the victor in the battle. Your dog will love this name.

Jaws: This breed of canine has rather pronounced, strong jaws for tearing prey and you might choose to reflect the fact in the identifier you pick.

  Able   Dallas   Lincoln
  Ace   Digger   Lobo
  Achilles   Dimples   Max
  Airborne   Elton   Maxim
  Angus   Exeter   Mulligan
  Axel   Fiji   Napoleon

Quest: This pick could be applied to either gender. It refers to a trip on which a search is conducted for an object or for spiritual enlightenment. Your pet will always quest as he or she seeks to enlighten you to his or her love and affection. Yes, we know that last sentence sounded corny.

Boxer dog watching you watching him

Ringo: The sport of boxing is fought inside a square fighting ring delineated by ropes. Take the arena used in the sport shared by your breed's name to create a unique moniker that was also shared by one of the Beatles.

Rocky: The most renowned movie boxer remains Rocky Balboa, played by Sylvester Stallone. This male Boxer dog name also reflects the strength associated with the breed.

Stinger: Muhammad Ali frequently said that he "floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee", and that was used to create this male name choice.

  Babyface   Floyd   Neon
  Bacardi   Frasier   Nitro
  Balboa   Fury   O'Brien
  Beefcake   Hidalgo   Outlaw
  Brady   Hudson   Phantom
  Capone   Jackson   Romeo

This weapon is commonly used as a non-lethal means of protection by policemen and others. It signifies that your male can hurt but isn't likely to kill. A great name for a pup you get a charge from.

All Boxers love a good car ride

Taurus: The second zodiac sign which symbol is a bull; Taurus is a wonderful name for your strong male pal. Apart from his great strength, this dog will know how to put on a show.

Ulysses: Ulysses is a strong sounding choice and is shared by a general in the Federal Army during the Civil War and then later became president of the entire United States. Great for a male Boxer with a take charge attitude.

Victor: Any battler that unwisely decides to take on your male boxer will quickly find out that your canine is the victor in the battle. While boxers do not readily seek out fights, they will readily fight to protect what they view as their own, whether people or property or food dish.

  Casey   Jester   Rusty
  Cassidy   Jiggles   Sly
  Chester   Kashmir   Stallone
  Chumlee   Kato   Tucker
  Coda   Lex   Tucson
  Dakota   Lexie   Tyson

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