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Finding suitable female Chihuahua names should be no trouble at all since these adorable little dogs have become such a popular family pet in the last several years. With their big round eyes and pointy ears, it is hard to resist wanting to find a cute pink outfit to dress these little girl dogs up in. Of course, your female Chihuahua cannot be dressed all in dazzling pink without a suitable title to match!

Sleeping Chihuahua beauty

Before naming your sweet female companion, keep in mind her personality features to help you find a name that is just right. Chihuahua’s come with long and short hair, as well as a variety of different colors of fur, but there is no mistaking their lovable, yet energetic personality. They often forget that they are not as big as the large neighbor dog they run up on and bark at!

It is important to name your dog with these traits in mind, but also to consider one that will mesh well with your family. Remember that this is a name you will be using for many years, so be certain it is something you don’t mind calling out.

Our Female Chihuahua Names
Suggestions and Lists

Angel: This name is just perfect for a sweet, dainty little companion that has an angelic face and a loyal personality.

Bambi: This female moniker is ideal for the adorable big eye female Chihuahua that is full of energy. This Chi is very sweet and adorable, and she will cuddle with whichever family member is around at the time.
*Somewhat similar ideas: Fawn, Starling

Chihuahua bedtime

Bella: Meaning “beautiful,” it is hard to resist this choice for a sweet female Chihuahua that has captured your heart.

Binky: Impulsive and impatient, this pooch loves it when there is quite a bit of space for him to run and play. Although he is small, Binky is a mover and shaker that is fearlessly forging ahead or "moving forward" into new territory.

Bitsy: Charming, lively, and always ready for some fun, Bitsy is one of those Chihuahuas that is no fool. She is a faithful and affectionate companion but is also extremely sensitive. A cool name for the Chihuahua that is obedient........sometimes. 
*More smallish choices: Itsy Bitsy, Teenie Weenie

Chicklet: This pooch is a very special girl Chihuahua to have. A bit unruly when she wants to be, this female is always there for you. A unique pick for the over protective dog that will make sure she’s in charge!
*Another sweet idea: Gumball

Chili: A female Chihuahua name that's perfect for a pooch with a little bit of sass in her personality. Particularly well suited for a Chihuahua that thinks she is the big dog on the block!

Daphne: There is no fooling this very smart dog who always seems aware of her surroundings and will likely be the head of the household in no time at all.

  Abbie   Emma   Hershey
  Autumn   Eva   Hope
  Babe   Fancy   Indigo
  Bianca   Flirt   Ivy
  Cameo   Gigi   Jade
  Daisy   Ginger   Jasmine
  Dawn   Gucci   Joy
  Diva   Hayley   Kiki

Honey: This female Chihuahua is loyal, and as sweet as can be. She absolutely adores being taken places with her owner and can’t stand not being right beside her favorite humans.

Jazzy: This little ball of energy will fill your life with joy. She will keep you on your toes, always wanting a walk, a romp, or just some snuggle time on the couch with her loving owner!

Karma: If you are a believer in Karma, this is a great choice for your sweet female companion, especially if you feel like you did something wonderful in your life in order to deserve having her as your pet.

Three Chihuahua puppies ready to rumble

Paris: Choose this female Chihuahua name to pay tribute to how exotic and beautiful your girl is, or because Paris is one of your favorite places to visit.

Pebbles: Small and tough, this female has very strong character. Pebbles is stubborn, yet eager to please you but only on her own terms.
*Here's even more: Sandy, Nibbles

Pinky: Loveable but unruly, this female can be very rude when she is provoked. Pinky loves to sit and be beautiful as she watches her favorite cartoons, but if you change the channel, you will get to see her feisty side.

Roxy: This female Chihuahua is the perfect combination of sweet and sassy, and will quickly steal her owner’s heart with her hilarious actions and desire to snuggle.

Topaz: This female gem has a very unique color that makes it that much more attractive to people. This is well suited for a Chihuahua pooch because they are unique looking dogs, but in combination with their personalities, this unique look becomes more attractive.

Whisper: This identifier is perfect for either a reserved Chihuahua or a really loud pooch. Touchy feely and loyal this pooch will soak up all the sweet loving attention that comes his way. A cute female Chihuahua name for the pup that will whine, yowl, and make his deepest emotions known to everyone.

  Lady   Peaches   Taffy
  Matilda   Princess   Trixie
  Maya   Quartz   Uma
  Nelly   Queen   Vanilla
  Nikita   Rainbow   Violet
  Olivia   Ritzy   Wanda
  Opal   Sage   Wendy
  Paige   Sophie   Wiggles

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