Cute Girl Dog Names
Special Ideas For The Ladies

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We wrote this cute girl dog names page because we felt that the naming ideas it houses rank an 11 on the cuteness scale of 1 to 10.

Cute girl dog posing with flowers

Sure, if you look around this site you'll find all different themes and categories from dog names by breed to ideas after various colors like brown, black and blonde and even names by size, but on this page we offer cute girl dog names we thought were (excuse the pun) doggone cute.

So if your pal qualifies for a cute name, then what you'll find below are some creative alphabetical lists along with a bit about the name itself. Heck, we even threw in a bit of our corny humor to make your search a bit more entertaining.

So pull your gal pal up on your lap (assuming she's not a large breed) and see which ones appeal to both of you.

Our Cute Names For Girl Dogs Lists

Abba Abba Zaba, retro candy favorite
Adder A type of snake
Amaya Cute girl dog name after this perfume
April The fourth month of the year
Aspen A tree that quakes
Asteria Mother of Hecate in Greek mythology
Autumn Cute girl dog name after the fall season
Azure Song title by Duke Ellington
Bailey Kay Bailey Hutchinson, US Senator from Texas
Beatrice One of the girl dogs in Best in Show
Belinda Belinda Carlisle, singer of The Go-Go's
Bette From Bette Midler, actress and singer
Biscuit With or without gravy
Blacky Character from Pokémon
Bliss Feeling of happiness
Blu This name appears in many perfume names
Bongo Good name for a high energy dog
Boogie From Boogie Woogie, a music and dance style
Brandy A beautiful name for a brown pup
Brie A soft cheese, and a femine sounding choice
Brownie Perfect name for a dog with a brown coat
Buttons For a small breed that's as cute as one
Cali Short for California
Cama Word for bed in Spanish, for a lazy dog?
Caper Cute girl dog name for a carefree pup
Caramel Great name for a brown girl dog
Cha Cha Latin dance style
Chaka Chaka Khan, also known as the Queen of Funk
Chance She's not afraid of anything
Cheyenne We can see this on a large outdoorsy pup
Chickadee She's your cute little Chickadee
China We like this exotic sounding choice
Cirrus Brand of vodka
Clarissa Main character in The Silence of the Lambs
Clover Fun name for a dog that is lucky
Cocoa Great name for a sweet brown dog
Conchita Conchita Martinez, tennis player
Confetti Little paper bits dropped for special occasions
Cosmos A flower that symbolizes peace, for the mellow dog
Couscous North African grain dish
Crush Honey, where's the cat?
Cupcake Great name for a girl dog with a sweet personality
Dally From Dilly Dally, slow moving
Daytona A famous race track name
Delta Where stream or river meets a water body
Diamond A card suit, great name for a pampered pooch
Dior Christian Dior, French fashion designer
Dixie Short for Dixieland, the music of New Orleans
beautiful border collie

Cool Girls:
For pups too cool to chase after cats or the mailman.

Clever Girls: Find cute girl dog names that are interesting to say the least.

Dolly Dolly Parton, country singer and actress
Dora The girl cartoon explorer
Drachma Greek currency, prior to the euro
Ebb Movement of tidal current away from the land
Eve A cool and refreshing time of the day
Fawn A young deer, good for a small girl pup
Fiesta Spanish word for party down!
FloJo Nickname of Florence Joyner, very fast runner
Flossie Drew Barrymore's lab/chow mix
Fortuna Roman goddess of fortune
Gale She moves into the room like a high speed wind
Giggles Little laughs
Ginger Good name for a dog with a red coat
Gioia Joy in Italian
GoGo From The Go-Gos, 1980s female band
Gossip Did you hear about the dog down the street?
Gypsy For the girl wanderer
Halo Female superhero from DC Comics
Happy Her tails in constant motion
Heather This flower symbolizes solitude, for the quiet dog
Honeychild Shih Tzu owned by Nicole Richie
Isabelle Rachel Ray's girl dog
Ivy This plant symbolizes fidelity
Jakarta Capital of Indonesia
Jasmine A flower that symbolizes grace and elegance
Jazzy Of, or pertaining to Jazz music
Jellybean Fruit flavored candy treats
Jude How do you call her home? "Hey Jude!" of course
Juneau Alaska's capital city
Kansas Great for a dog living in the heartland
Kenya Mountain in Kenya
KitKat A type of candy bar
Liberty For the freedom loving girl
Lollipop Candy on a stick
Lucky To have you as an owner
Luna Roman goddess of the moon
Madonna Girl music megastar
Magnolia This flower symbolizes dignity
Malibu California seaside town
Mango Good name for a high energy puppy
Mania Spirit of girlish madness
Margarita A tequila-based cocktail
Marina Where boats are kept
Marseille Beautiful French seaside town
May The fifth month of the year
Medusa Turned men to stone with her stare
Milan We simply liked this girl name
Mocha Slang for coffee

Our Name Finder: When searching for the perfect title, one minute you think you’ve found the perfect girl dog name, then a better one comes along. If this sounds like you, this page can help.

Moneta Goddess of memory, for when you misplace your keys
Morticia Matriarch of the Addams Family
Noodles A cute girl dog name
Nova Explosive and brilliant
Nutmeg Aromatic spice used in sweet and savory dishes
Oprah Queen of TV and media
Pansy A flower that symbolizes loving thoughts
Pearl Rare, exotic, beautiful
Piper Good for a small girl breed
Pisces Sign of the Zodiac
Pizzazz Flashy or with flair
Pokey Sidekick to Gumby
Queen Famous rock band and head of monarchy
Raven Perfect for a girl black pooch
Reno The Biggest Little City in Nevada
Rouge From Moulin Rouge, a casino in Las Vegas
Ruby A red gemstone adornment
Saffron A yellow spice, good for a yellow colored pup
Sahara Another name we just liked
Sakura Japanese for cherry blossom
Sangria A punch made from red wine and fruits
Savanna A tropical grassland and pretty girl dog name
Shasta An active volcano in Northern California
Siesta A mid-day nap on your lap
Spree A fun trip or outing
Sprout Great name for a little girl dog
Steffi Steffi Graf, famous player
Stormy Moody and a bit temperamental
Sunny The opposite of Stormy
Taffy Chewy candy, often purchased seaside
Talladega Name for a race track
Tiffany From Capote's Breakfast at Tiffany's
Tootsie Tootsie roll, small chewy candy
Triton For a biggish girl dog and a moon of Neptune
Vanity Never saw a mirror she didn't like
Venus Roman goddess of love and beauty
Vienna Austria's famous city for waltzes and good chocolate
Whitney Whitney Houston, multi Grammy winner
Willow Perfect name for a thin-framed dog
ZigZag For the girl who zigzags from tree to tree

Unique names if your girl is....

Curious German Shepherd puppy

Larger breeds are in a class by themselves. There’s a lot more of them to love. These Biggish sounding girl names are just for them.

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