Chocolate Lab Names
Sweet Names For Your Male Or Female Lab

This chocolate lab names page was designed to give chocolate lab owners a unique name that reflects the beautiful, brown color of this breed.

Chocolate Lab puppies posing for the camera

The chocolate coat color mutation in these labs is among the newest mutations and, as a result, you may have to look harder and pay a bit more to obtain this beautiful variation. Some say that this mutation has certain health problems associated with it because of the inbreeding done to obtain the gorgeous color, however if you obtain your pet from a reputable breeder rather than a puppy mill, it is likely that you will avoid any inbreeding-associated health problems.

Beautiful coloration or not, these are great dogs to own as any owner can attest, and we think they would be just as lovable if they came green, blue or pink. lol

Male & Female Chocolate Lab Names
Suggestions & Lists After Things Brownish

Ashes: The chocolate coat appears with much the same tones as a bed of ashes, blending blue, silver, and brown to create the coat colors. This choice works great for either gender.

Chocolate Lab puppy looking for a new name

Bear: A great brown Lab name for either gender. Unlike the bear in the wild your pup is anything but mean, yet like a bear is brown in color and large and hairy and always hungry.

Bonbon: Brown on the outside, sweet on the inside.

Cocoa: Think of that warm cup of cocoa, created by adding melted chocolate to milk, that you love to drink on a cold winter night. The color of that beloved drink is nearly identical to the coat of these canines, making this perhaps of the most common name chosen for chocolate breeds.

Coffee: This popular hot or iced drink is one of the most consumed on the planet. The color of a cup of this drink is near the color of your canine's coat. You'll find few other pooches in the area share this moniker, so there shouldn't be a lot of confusion at the dog park.

  Amaretto   Gravy   (Dr.) Pepper
  Autumn   Grizzly   Pepsi
  Baby Ruth   Hazel   Pretzel
  Bailey Cream   Hershey   Reese
  Bear   Hickory   Rolo
  Brownie   Honey   Rusty
  Bruno   Java   Sable
  Cadbury   Kahlua   Sahara
  Café   Khaki   Sienna
  Cappuccino   Kodiak   Smokey
  Carmelo   Kona   Smores

Dusk is the time of day when the light of the sun begins to dim but it is not yet completely dark. Dusk lasts for about one hour on cloudless days and much less time on cloudy days. It can be a magical time of day; not quite daylight but not completely nighttime either. This choice of moniker works perfectly for either gender of pooch that may be added to your household.

Chocolate Lab doing guard duty

Espresso: Perfect for the chocolate Lab that’s a bit high strung.

Ginger: Like the spice itself, your Lab is not only spicy but sweet.

Java: A common nickname for coffee, this chocolate lab name will likely be unique enough that other pooches in your neighborhood called by more common monikers will envy your pet's special pick.

Meatball: We can see this brownish sounding name on an either male or female that has a nutty personality. This cute choice will surely make your Lab even more hugworthy.

  Charlie Brown   Latte   Snickers
  Chestnut   Mahogany   Starbuck
  Choco   Mocha   Tanner
  Cinnamon   Molasses   Teak
  Cocoa   Molly Brown   Tawny
  Coco Puff   Muffin   Toffee
  Coffee   Mudd   Truffle
  Cookie   Nutmeg   Twix
  Espresso   Peanut   Whiskey
  Fudge   Pebbles   Wonka
  Godiva   Penny   Woody

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