Car Names For Dogs
Love Your Dog, Car, And The Open Road?

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These car names for dogs are perfect if you love not only your dog, but your car as well.

Dog teaching it's master how to drive

We can't think of any pooch who doesn't enjoy sticking their head out the window of a car, heck, most car owners would too if it didn't mess up their hair and they weren't image conscience. But dogs don't care, they just love the feel of the open road and many of their owners love not only them, but the open road as well as the vehicle that gets them there.

That's why on this page we offer car dog names that can actually work as a name for your pooch as well. So gas up, buckle up, clean that windshield and most importantly crack that window just enough for your pals head to stick out and let's go!

Male And Female Car Names For Dogs

Accent: By Hyundai, good choice for a dog with a foreign bark.

Accord: A popular Honda car, good for a sporty, popular pooch

Alpina: Luxurious BMW brand, great for an outdoor loving pup.

Armada: From Nissan, for BIG pups or wannabes.

Audi: Luxury German brand, laughs when a VW goes by.

Avant: From Audi, great for the upscale hound.

Cabrio: VW convertible, top off is better than window down.

Cadillac: For canines that go in style and love a little bling.

Cayenne: A Porsche 4X4 … spicy!

Cayman: Porsche car, great for the pooch that likes water.

Charade: Made by Daihatsu, for the dog that likes to hide things.

Chevy: Good ol' American car. A classic car names for dogs.

Civic: Reliable Honda, perfect for a canine that lives in the city.

Cobalt: A car by GM, great choice for a high energy dog.

Cooper: Mini model, we can see this name on a Lab or a small pup.

Golden Retriever driving his box

Dakota: By Dodge, great naming choice for a hunting dog.

Edsel: A classic Ford model, creative choice for a little girl pooch.

Envoy: From GM, for the pooch that loves traveling with your family pack.

Escalade: Made by Cadillac, for pampered canines.

Fairlane: Ford classic when engines, cars & trunks were HUGE!

Falcon: A classic Ford, this pooch soars above all others

Ferrari: Fast and upscale, good for a pup that likes to run.

Fiat: Fix It Again Tony!

Fox: A VW car, perfect choice for a sexy pup

Gremlin: Made by AMC in the 70s. Who can forget the Gremlin?

Hummer: Big, gas guzzler, for a big or even small pooch.

Infiniti: Nissan luxury brand, this pup has limitless love for you.

Jaguar: Luxury, plain and simple, perfect for a sleek black dog.

Jazz: Hatchback by Honda, a good title for a music loving pooch.

Jetta: VW model, for the fast pooch with it's own afterburners.

Kangoo: From Renault, and a good choice for a bouncy breed.

Karman: Part of a classic VW car name without the Gia.

Kia: South Korean car company, a fun pick for a little breed.

Laguna: Made by Renault, perfect title for an outdoorsy pooch.

Lancer: From Mitsubishi, excellent for a high energy pup.

Legacy: A Subaru model, for a breed with longevity.

Lexus: Luxury arm of Toyota, for the puppy that's pampered.

Lotus: British racing cars, fine selection for a fast dog.

Marquis: A Ford model, for the pup that prefers luxury.

Mercedes: German luxury car, great for the upscale pup.

Milan: A Ford model, a great choice for an Italian breed.

Mini: Maker of the Cooper, will fit well on a cute small breed.

Murano: By Nissan, another fun choice for an Italian greyhound.

Mustang: A classic Ford model, good for a fast and lean pooch.

Chihuahua on a roadtrip

Nova: From Chevy, good for the pup that has explosive energy.

Odyssey: A Honda model, great for dogs that like to explore.

Opel: German auto maker, cute car dog name for a little charming pup.

Passat: A VW model and a budget car names for dog.

Peugeot: French car, for the dog that has champagne tastes.

Phantom: Rolls Royce model, perfect for a quiet or stealthy pup.

Picanto: From Kia, excellent for an upbeat spicy, pooch.

Pilot: From Honda, for the dog that likes to fly and drive.

Pinto: Ford model from the 1970s, great choice for a gassy dog.

Porsche: Fast, fast, fast, perfect for the dog that never stops.

Quest: For the pup that's on a quest to hide the cat, from Nissan.

Rabbit: Fun name for a pup with big ears, a VW model

Ranger: Ford pickup, a unique title for a sporting dog.

Renault: French car maker, fun name for a French bulldog.

Rio: Perfect name for a water-loving dog, from Kia

Royce: As in Rolls, baby!

Saturn: For the pooch that runs rings around all others.

Scion: Good name for your high energy pal, a brand from Toyota

Siena: Upscale and refined name for your pal, from Toyota.

Sierra: GM truck, great for the puppy that loves the mountains.

Silverado: A Chevy truck, for rugged individualist pup.

Sprite: By Austin-Healey, perfect for high energy hound.

Spyder: From Porsche model, perfect for a small breed.

Tacoma: From Toyota, great car names for dog for a rugged dog.

Taurus: A Ford model, good choice for a large breed.

Titan: By Nissan, for a VERY large dog, or one that thinks it is.

Trooper: Isuzu model, unique choice for the loyal pup.

Tucson: From Hyundai, creative name for a desert loving dog.

Vette: Short for Corvette, fast, sleek, good for Chihuahuas.

Zephyr: Created by Ford, perfect name for a fast pooch.

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