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When it comes to the top 50 best dog names, everyone has an opinion as to which truly are the best...even the President and CEO of this website Mr. Butters.

He wanted to share with our readers which naming ideas he felt were his own personal favorites. Unfortunately, as gifted as he is in running his global website empire, dogs aren't the greatest when it comes to typing, and drool tends to short out keyboards.

I've been waiting for you

He asked his secretary (a French Poodle named Fifi...Bow-WOW!) to help, but she could only speak French and her nails were still wet after the groomers so she was of minimal help. Finally, he recruited a human to type out his thoughts as to which truly were the best in his opinion.

Now you might not like all of Mr. Butters choices below, but if you think about it, who would know best what the best dog names are other than a dog??

The Top 50 Best Dog Names

Mr. Butters Favorites...

Also an Italian word which means “love”

Asia: Sounds exotic

Aspen: A fresh, outdoorsy name after a beautiful tree

Babyface: Just look at that face!

Bandanna: This pup is the free spirit of the local park.

Banjo: Paddle faster, I hear Banjo!

Bonkers: For the girl that has a wild side

Bubba: Who wouldn’t love meeting your Bubba?

Bungee: This pup has boundless energy, and goes from here to there in a flash!

Cabo: After a favorite vacation spot Cabo San Lucas in Mexico, this puppy likes to party.

Cadence: This pup has its own sense of rhythm.

Cassidy: We’ve always liked this name

Chi Chi: Can see this more on a small dog, maybe a Chihuahua?

Compadre: It means “friend” in Spanish

Crash: Better let your other dog drive

Crouton: Croutons the perfect canine topping to the salad of life.

Dakota: A good name for a large breed, it dreams of being outdoors in the woods or on the trail.

Fable: A cool best dog name for a pooch that’s been rescued from a tough situation as it’s got a story to tell.

Fandango: A colorful idea

Gizmo: The canine cousin of Thingamajig

Groovy:The hippy word for “cool”

Gumdrop: A sweet and chewy idea for small breed of pup.

Happy: For the pooch that’s always upbeat and friendly

Howdy: For the friendly pup that's always got a kiss with your name on it!

Jade: A semi-precious stone for your more than precious buddy

Jazz: Perfect for the owner that loves music

Jitterbug: If Espresso had four legs, it would be this pooch.

Joy: Happiness on four legs

Kahlua: A popular Hawaiian liqueur, a good title for the dog whose owner loves the islands.

Kona: A popular town in Hawaii, if you love this islands, and love your pal, this cool male dog name might be a good match.

Legend: A doggie icon, what other pups aspire to be

Meatball: This girl's a nut! Good too if your family is Italian

Moose: Good for a big pooch, a fun title for a small one?

Nacho: A popular companion when watching television

Paisan: It means “friend” in Italian

Parable: Good for a rescued dog that has a story to tell

Rascal: A canine prankster, Rascal is always into something

Rio: Short for the famous vacation spot Rio de Janeiro, it’s like a party when your pal enters the room!

Shiloh: We’ve heard this on other dogs and really liked it

Skittles: A popular candy the size of M&M’s

Spirit: Nothing gets this pup down

Tequila: Cuervo might also make for a cool choice

Turbo: For the puppy that’s a blast to be around

Ziggy: A best dog name after the lovable cartoon character

Zigzag: This puppy goes here, goes there, goes here again, this pooch wants to see it all, but never in a straight line!

Zoom Zoom: For a fast, small canine, a probable relative to Zigzag and Turbo

Here's a Few Ideas By Size...

For BIG Dogs...

One can't have a much bigger title than that of a Greek deity. Apollo has been recognized variously as a god of light and the sun as well as truth and prophecy. And don't forget the Apollo moon missions, talk about ginormous!

Bigfoot: After the large, hairy beast said to roam the Pacific Northwest, and around those small cities wanting to attract tourist dollars.

Denali: After the huge park in Alaska, this is the perfect choice for a large dog name for the pup that loves the outdoors or nature.

Dogzilla: An interesting best dog name twist on the name Godzilla, the huge monster that always seemed to have Japan in his crosshairs.

Harley: After the powerful Harley Davidson motorcycle, a good choice when looking for names for large dogs. Like the motorcycle, you'll feel the ground vibrate when this dog approaches.

Magnum: One of the most powerful firearm cartridges. Clint Eastwood in Dirty Harry used a .44 Magnum, good at blowing away the bad guys not to mention ones eardrums.

Sky: Good as a large dog name for the pup that much prefers the outdoors to the indoors. Can't get much bigger than Sky.

For Small Dogs...

Perfect for the small pup that's itsy bitsy as well as teenie weenie.

Bugsy: After the notorious gangster Bugsy Seigal, excellent for the bug sized pooch with a take no prisoners attitude.

Cookie: Sweet and chewy, they come in all flavors so this is a tasty choice for any breed. And after all, is there anyone who doesn't love a Cookie?

Moxie: This cute little dog name means "courage combined with inventiveness" and is a good choice for either gender. Perfect for the pooch that always finds a way to get what it wants while looking cute doing so.

Peaches: This best dog name is ideal for a peachy little girl. This little pooch will have many charms. A great title choice for any toy breed.

Squirt: An always popular choice for small dogs. Especially popular for pups with a feisty attitude.

Putt-Putt: A good title for a male pup with short legs. Also an interesting pick for the dog whose owner is into golf and has control of his putting game. Putt-Putt-Putt for a dog whose owner doesn’t.

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