Native American Dog Names

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Finding Native American dog names might be more challenging than other types of dog names. You maybe looking for one of these naming ideas because you are all or part Native American, you enjoy the culture, or because you actually own a Native American pup. There is some misconception about what actually constitutes this breed, but there is actually a breed called the Native American Indian dog.

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If you are interesting in using an American Indian name because of the breed type, then you will want to consider its physical characteristics and personality traits. These pups are considered a wolf hybrid, a distant descendant of the wolves, in which a few individuals of the pack began to break away and spend more time with the Native Americans due to more playful personalities. In most tribes the dog was used as a protector of the family while the hunters were away, to help with transportation and carrying heavy loads, and also to search for missing persons or to help hunt.

Over thousands of years, the dog has become increasingly more domestic, although it still resembles the wolf in physical characteristics. Since this canine is still a large part of the Native American community, owners might want to consider one of the following American Indian dog names:

Our American Indian Dog Names...

A Hopi title meaning “spirit,” this moniker is a good choice for a girl Native American dog name with an exceptional spirit.

Hania: Meaning “spirit warrior,” this Hopi naming idea fits a male canine that is strong and masculine in a calm and confident manner.

Leotie: A word that just flows easily from an owner’s mouth, this female pooch will be as beautiful and sweet as her title.

Beautiful dog in a meadow

Liwanu: A Miwok tribe name meaning “growl of a bear,” this Native American title belongs to a pooch that has a deep, ferocious bark.

Maka: Lakota meaning “earth goddess,” this is an excellent choice for a female pup that loves the great outdoors.

Maska: Meaning “strong,” this is a powerful word that belongs to a large, masculine canine.

Nitis: A Native American name meaning “friend,” what a great way to honor your best canine companion!

Ouray: A peace making tribe of the Ute, this fits a pooch that is calm, confident, and reserved.

Shenandoah: Although this is a mouthful, it is a beautiful choice meaning “daughter of the stars,” and would be perfectly suited for an eye catching female.

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Shaman: A popular Native American dog name that alludes to the “medicine man,” and how healing a pooch can be to his human companions.

Tate: A short, easy to pronounce title that means “the wind.” This moniker would be well suited for a pup that runs like the wind.

Wazi: A Lakota god named “the wizard,” this is a great choice for a male or female that is well trained and eager to do tricks.

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