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Mexican dog names are especially fitting for a new pet Chihuahua or a Xolo but can also be well suited for pups that hail from the southwestern states that border Mexico like Arizona, California or New Mexico. Mexican names for dogs are also a great choice for someone originally from Mexico or someone that visits on a regular basis and really enjoys a particular location in Mexico.

Long haired Chihuahua puppy looking for Mexican dog names

For owners considering using a Mexican title for their Chihuahua, you will want to carefully consider the breed’s personal traits and physical characteristics. For being so tiny, they truly have a way of just taking over any home and any situation in a sweet and endearing way. The Xolo is also a small Mexican pooch with a big personality, although these pets are known for not having a great deal of hair. This can actually be an advantage for an owner living in a hot climate zone.

Some owners might want to consider Mexican or Spanish names for dogs for their new pup simply because they like the sound of it. There are some choices that simply roll off the tongue and might be perfectly suited for any pooch!

Should you be the proud owner of a new Chihuahua, we built a page dedicated specifically to this unique breed, so be sure to visit our Chihuahua names page as well.

Male & Female
Mexican Names For Dogs

Bebe: With this choice, it is easy to envision a carefree, lively girl that may be a bit mischievous, but really loves nothing more than cuddling on the couch with her owners.

This Mexican dog name means “white” and would be well suited for a white female pup. Try the title “Blanco” if you like this idea for a male pooch.

Diaz: This pooch is energetic and light hearted and loves running free in his owner’s backyard, playing fetch, and just having a good time.

Chihuahua with a sense of style

Jade: Referring to the beautiful color, or the beautiful gemstone, this is a fitting choice for a sweet and pretty female pet.

Lolita: For that extra affectionate and flirtatious girl, this is a fitting and fun Mexican choice.

Nevada: For a pooch that has found a new home in Nevada, this is a great choice; also good for an owner missing their native state.

Paloma: Meaning “dove” in Spanish, this is an endearing Mexican title for a gentle, loving female pet or a pet that is pure white resembling a dove.

Pepe: A fitting choice for an energetic, spunky boy pup that just loves to be the center of attention and playfully romp around the house all day long!

Rico: Meaning “nice” in Spanish, this is a perfect Mexican choice for a pet that really is a sweetheart and just loves to be part of the family.

Suela: A sassy girl pup that has a sense of curiosity and mischievousness. This pooch might be little, but she rules the roost in her home.

Other Mexican Dog Names To Consider...

   Aletea    Felicia    Pedro
   Alma    Fernando    Pilar
   Anica    Gitana     Placido
   Armando      Inez    Raul
   Belen    Inigo    Rolon
   Bonita    Jacinta      Rosa
   Brisa    Jericho    Rosaria
   Berto    Juanita    Salvadore
   Carina    Leya    Sanchez
   Carlos    Luccas    Santiago
   Carmen    Luna    Serge
   Chago    Marto    Sita
   Damita    Minel         Tasia
   Dela    Orlo    Ticho
   Eldora    Pablo     Vicente
   Elsa          Paco    Vito     
   Eloy    Paz    Zacarias

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