Male Pit Bull Names
Creative Naming Ideas For Your Bud

When looking for male pit bull names it’s always helpful to take into account your pups personality as well as looks when selecting a title.

As an example, is he an energetic pup? Then maybe Sparky, or Bolt might make a good male Pit Bull choice. Is he white in coloration? Then how about Snow, or Sugar for a unique male Pitbull naming idea? Maybe he has a naturally cool disposition, if so how about Jazz for a male name for your Pit Bull, or even Ice?....

Considering that the Pit Bulls life expectancy is around 15 years, you’ll be calling his name over 30,000 times, which makes choosing the perfect one, the first time, all the more important.

Our Unique Male Pit Bull Names
-Suggestions then Lists-

Bogart: After the famous tough guy actor Humphrey Bogart, you’re Pit Bull Bogey will take guff from no dames.

Bully: The obvious choice for a male pit bull, it reflects on the second part of the breed name rather than any expected behavior.

cute pit bull puppy

Chunky: This male choice reflects the body type of this breed of canine. They are quite stocky with short legs of the length and size of the body

Duke: A masculine sounding male Pit Bull name, also good if you’re a fan of The Duke himself…John Wayne.

Fang: If threatened, Pit Bulls will lift a lip in a growl, showing their rather impressive fangs which often is sufficient to make the problem go away.

Jaws: If the male title Fang doesn’t intimidate enough, Jaws surely will.

Killer: This choice says it all about what might happen if you or your male Pit Bull feels threatened.

Taz: Short for Tasmanian Devil, an excellent Male Pit Bull Name for the dog that’s a fearless fighter.

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    Ace     Gangsta     Pablo
    Achilles     Gatsby     Pacino
    Aggie     Gizmo     Patton
    Al     Gooch     Pecos
    Alexei     Grandeur     Peso
    Andre     Gringo     Phantom
    Apogee     Grover     Piccard
    Aquila     Guido     Pistol
    Ari     Gunner     Pollux
    Avenger     Gus     Porkchop
    Babe     Halo     Porsche
    Bacardi     Handsome     Quake
    Baja     Hannibal     Quasi
    Bayou     Harley     Quinn
    Barry     Havana     Quixote
    Basil     Hendrix     Rainer
    Bear     Hobbit     Rambo
    Beau     Hoffa     Ramses
    Beijing     Homey     Razor
    Bert     Hustler     Reed

Names For Boy Pitbulls That Are...

Cool: For Pit Bulls too cool for ordinary male names
Unique: For ideas that are...well...unique

    Big Boy     Icon     Repo
    Billy Ray     Igor     Rico
    Bishop     Ike     Rider
    Bolero     Indigo     Rio
    Boomer     Ishtar     Rush
    Cadence     Jacko     Samson
    Caesar     Jackpot     Samurai
    Cagney     Jaeger     Sarge
    Cairo     Jagger     Satchmo
    Capone     Justus     Sawyer
    Carlos     Kahuna     Scarface
    Casino     Kalia     Scotch
    Cha-Cha     Kane     Seance
    Champ     Keno     Segal
    Chase     Khan     Sequel
    Chevy     Knievel     Seven
    Cheyenne     Lanier     Shasta
    Chili     Lava Lips     Sheik
    Cholo     Lefty     Sherlock
    Clark     Leo     Shooter

    Cletus     Limbo     Silver
    Cobain     Lobo     Sinatra
    Coda     Loco     Sledge
    Creed     Lugosi     Snooker
    Cujo     Lumpy     Tattoo
    Dagger     Macho     Tequila
    Dakar     Mack     Thor
    Dakota     Mafioso     Thug
    Damian     Magnum     Thunder
    Dane     Mako     Tierney
    Danger     Malone     Tiki
    Dare     Manley     Tiny
    De Niro     Marley     Titan
    Dean     Matrix     Titus
    Demitri     Maverick     Tracker
    Demon     McNab     Travis
    Denali     Meatball     Trevor
    Denzel     Mick     Trinity
    Desi     Mignon     Triumph
    Desperado     Montana     Ty

These Names Sound...

Masculine: Send him out to the mailman on bill delivery day
Tough: Whimpy dogs not allowed, these are manly man names

    Deuce     Nelson     Tyler
    Devon     Nemesis     Ukiah
    Dice     Neon     Uncle
    Doc     Nexus     Urchin
    Donner     Nietzsche     Uriah
    Earl     Nike     Uzi
    Easyrider     Nirvana     Vader
    Edge     Nova     Valiant
    Epic     Nuke     Valdez
    Exeter     Nugget     Vandal
    Fajita     Obama     Virtue
    Fandango     Odessa     Viper
    Fiji     Odin     Walker
    Fingers     Ole     Warden
    Fletch     Olympus     Warbucks
    Fly Boy     Omar     Warrior
    Fonzi     Opium     Wasabi
    Frazier     Orbit     Wyatt
    Fritz     Orson     Yankee
    Fu Man Chew     Outlaw     Yuma

Even More Unique Ideas Here...  

Unusual: Here's some hot and tasty ideas
Cool: All other boys wish they were him
Unique: For your one of a kind boy
Clever: Based on his personality
By Color or Size: Ideas that salute his size & coloration

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