Lazy Dog Names
Perfect For Your Canine Couch Potato

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Lazy Pug suitable for a lazy dog name

We came up with this list of lazy dog names because we recognized that not every pup has the energy or desire to chase the mailman, play fetch or go for brisk walks.

No, not these dogs.

Lazy pups take the art of lounging to new levels. They’re the pups who feel most at home on your lap, the couch, recliner or their doggie bed. They’ve come to realize that all they really need to do to earn dinner and a whole lot of attention is just to be cute. Why bother doing anything more?

Also we've noticed...

Lazy dogs have certain attitudes

-Is someone robbing your house?…Be my guest, just leave my bowl

-Do your kids feel like playing?…Have fun kids!

-Want some attention after a hard days work?…Go see the cat

-Chase the mailman?...Why?

It’s for pups like these that we offer the lazy dog names below, naming ideas not meant to make fun of your pal, but cute names for lazy pups that prove that even though it’s low on motivation, it doesn’t mean it can’t have a sense of humor.

Male & Female Lazy Dog Names List

Al Al Bundy, lazy character on Married with Children
Albany Name brand of sofas and recliners
Arion Scientific name of a slug
Barca Barcalounger, popular recliner. Dogs barka for their lounger
Barney Short for barnacle, once attached doesn't move
Berk From Berkline, brand of sofas
Breaker For the dog that's on perpetual break
Broyhill A couch and sofa brand popular with all lazy dogs
Couch Good place to relax and observe
Coucher One who is lazy and stays on the sofa until dinnertime
Dally From Dilly Dally, slow moving
Dwadle To waste time doing something other than lounging
Dilly The other half of Dally and moves no faster
Dozer Good name the pooch who dozes
Droopy A cartoon puppy that’s slooooow
Drowsy To be sleepy' to fight sleep and frequently lose
Dusty Covered with dust from lack of motion
Eats For the pooch that works up an appetite being lazy
Fiddle To tinker with; and waste time
Fritter For the pooch that fritters the day away on the couch
Ham After hammock, a great place to hang out
Helix Helix hortensis, scientific name of the white-lipped snail
Hippy Hippies are lazy aren’t they? Good for a long haired pup
Hitch A disruption in flow, to slow things down
Homer Homer Simpson, the king of lazy and lover of donuts
Koala A cute but slow moving dogsupial
Lane A brand of recliners and sofas
Lazy Boy A recliner that’s most popular during football season
Lazy Girl The female model of the Lazy Boy
Lazy Bulldogs
Limax Limax cinereoniger the scientific name of the black slug
Linger To stay longer than necessary
Loafer A casual shoe, also a term for someone who is lazy
Lounger Name of one who is laid back or slow
Meander Walking to and fro with no direction at a slow pace
Molasses Thick syrup, good lazy dog name for brown dogs
Mopey To be depressed or not moving much
Mosey To wander slowly and not care what the cat is doing
Napper The pooch who prefer naps to walks
Nod Something your pup is good at
Noodles Just sorta lays there, all limp
Patina Coating on metal after the passage of time
Pokey An adjective, to be slow
Potter Made of clay, stationery, not moving
Primo A brand of sofas and recliners
Ramble To wander aimlessly, without a care
Rock Like the dog that won’t move from “his” spot
Rusty Slow moving, needing lubrication
Sandman The person who visits your lazy pal too often
Saunter To walk at a slow leisurely pace or stroll
Shuffle To move slowly, dragging the feet
Shut Eye To get some sleep
Siesta A mid-day nap sometimes extending into the evening
Sleepy To be tired or lazy. Zzzzzz
Sluggo Nickname for someone who is slug-like
Snoozer Name of one who sleeps or delays their response
Wag Lag For the pup too lazy to even wag it’s tail
Winky Catching 40 winks is another term for sleeping

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