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Latin dog names can suit any breed of pooch well. You’ll find both for male and females which have their origin in this romance language. After all, you want a unique and unusual title for your pup to respond to throughout his or her life.

Cocker Spaniel with a beautiful coat

Find a Latin name which is easy for you to say so that your dog will hear you readily and respond quickly. Stay away from a choice which will cause your pet to be made fun of by bullies. Dogs can easily tell when someone is poking fun at them and they may become angry or even bite.

Say the name several times when considering it and if it rhymes with a negative word or curse word, skip on to another idea. If, however, your choice sounds pleasing and your new dog turns his or her head a bit, listening intently, then your pup is indicating it likes the word too. That way, both of you can be happy to hear the chosen sound for many years to come.

You can also select a Latin puppy name based on size, color, breed, or personality if you wish. Many owners select a Latin term using this method but many others simply choose based on how the pup reacts to the word and how well both the dog and the human family like the sound.

Our Latin Names For Dogs

Feminine moniker which means “of great nature”, choose this for a pooch with elegance and natural grace or lots of personality.

Caeli: A Latin choice for a lady pooch, the word is pronounced “Kale-EE” and the Latin meaning is “from heaven”. Your companion will be a gift from heaven as part of your life.

Dominic: This Latin dog name means “belonging to the Lord” which could be a reference to you as “lord of the manor or household” or “belonging to God”; however you prefer to think of it.

Dog aristocrat

Jovon: Latin for “majestic”, this masculine word would suit an elegant, graceful pup of any breed. Change it to “Jovony” if you want to refer to a majestic female.
This Latin male moniker means “rhythmic” and is still commonly used in the military as a march with rhythm performed to a chant. With the initial letter change to “Cadence”, you can use this lovely word for a girl as well.

Magnus: A strongly masculine word, it refers to “strong” or “with strength”. It can be used to suit any breed of pooch but would best suit a large, strong breed such as a Rottweiler or Shepherd.

Saige: With the Latin spelling, this word is feminine and means “wise and healthy”. If you like the sound of the word, pronounced just like the common spice, you can change it to the masculine form, Sage, easily enough.

Sebastyn: Latin for “above all others”, you will love your boy pooch above all other canines – unless you happen to own several, all of which you love equally – and will make him a key part of your day.

Theodore: The root of this word is Latin and means “a gift from God”. It is masculine and suited for any breed of male dog. A common nickname based on this choice is “Ted” or “Teddy”.

Valencia: Meaning “vigorous and strong” this choice is great for a female of any breed. It can be easily shorted to “Val” if you want a nickname and, in the short form, can even apply to a male.

A Few More Latin Dog Names

   Aleixandre    Emilee    Marcus
   Americus    Giana    Mars
   Angelica    Grace    Marin
   Annunciata    Gracen    Marrissa
   Araina    Jenesiai    Meddia
   Araseli    Jilienne    Medley
   Arminda    Joslynn    Mia
   Ayriana    Joss    Nerissa
   Belva    Justice    Oceil
   Benicio    Justin    Osten
   Carly    Justyna    Portia
   Cecelia    Lily    Reneigh
   Chrystal    Lillian    Sachin
   Dom    Lilium    Sarren
   Donita    Magi    Terra
   Drusilla    Marcel    Terrence
   Elana    Marcy       Veronica

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