German Female Dog Names
Perfect If You Own A German Breed
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Finding good German female dog names is no easy task. The reason for this is when one thinks about the various German breeds that are out there today, you will find that these dog's traits are so different.

Rottie puppy looking for German female dog names

What's more, some of these breeds are consistently ranked as some of the most desirable pups in the world, which makes it a bit harder to find the perfect female German dog names. That is why we have done our doggone best to provide you with some good yet elegant titles for your pooch.

In addition, these German female dog names will also reflect the intelligence, courage and industriousness of each breed. We have stayed clear of all the traditional naming ideas intentionally, which means you will only find female choices that are German on our list. We hope you find one to match your unique pet.

Our Female German Dog Names
-Suggestions then Lists-

Meaning "noble, majestic wolf" Adolpha is a cute female choice for your brave and noble girl. This title has been a royal German and Swedish name. An interesting choice for a versatile and kind hearted girl. She will always take the step to help you when you are in need.

Berta: This German choice is ideal for an intelligent and beautiful pup. Berta means "famous and bright" which makes this female moniker suitable for the pup with a light colored coat. A good choice for your muscular and strong pooch.

Long haired Dachshund puppy cuteness

Brigitte: Pick this German female dog name for your strong spirited pal as this choice means "One who is strong". This strong willed pooch has the desire to succeed in her work. A good choice for any German breed of pup.

Elke: A fantastic naming choice from a noble and kind breed. This female is fiercely independent and loves to work. A good title for a breed that does not like to stay idle for long. She will not settle down until she is satisfied with her chores.

Elsa: This cute title means Princess, and it is a good pick for the girl that you treat like royalty. The best way to please this pooch is to adore and flatter her beauty, and she will repay you with her loyalty.

Etta: This cute female pick would be a great choice for any small breed of dog. Good-cultured and well-mannered, this girl likes to play dress up and does not like any kind of rough play. A good choice for your delicate pooch.

Mallory: Give this to the girl that is wise in battle. This female is extremely strong willed when it comes to her emotions. She is more than capable of handling any kind of pressures and can very well tackle even the most difficult of situations. A good choice for a guard or working pooch.

Rolanda: The German for "From the great land" this is ideal for any female that originated from this country. A cute pick for your very trustworthy and caring pooch. This girl only has a few friends.

German Shepherd in a meadow

Vala: This is the girl whom you picked over all others. Although the litter was big you were still able to find her. Vala will at all times exhibit strong judgmental power and knows what is right and what is wrong.

Wilda: Wilda is a great name for the canine that is difficult to train. This gal is extremely stubborn and cannot be forced to do what she doesn't want to do. A unique title for the dog that will get fiercely angry, when provoked.

Wilhelmina: A terrific German female dog name for your Rottweiler or German Shepherd. This girl is a diligent guardian and protector. Any faithful and trustworthy dog would welcome this as theirs.

Winola: For a very gracious and charming gal. She is a great communicator that loves to explore her surroundings and nature. Maybe this is a good German female dog name for a pup like a Rottweiler?

    Ada     Cossi     Flamme
    Adalia     Davina     Flanka
    Adele     Daysi     Flara
    Adelaide     Dedra     Flavia
    Adeline     Deina     Gilberta
    Annemarie     Dekitta     Gorga
    Annika     Ebba     Gori
    Bernadette     Edalene     Gorla
    Bimba     Edda     Goscha
    Binga     Elin     Hannah
    Binka     Elisha     Hannelore
    Binta     Elkas     Johanna
    Bionda     Elle     Joka
    Calba     Fabia     Kena
    Calinka     Fabienne     Kenda
    Callie     Fescha     Kenia
    Calypsa     Fidela     Magnilda
    Cortina     Fiore     Magrid
    Coscina     Fischa     Maica

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