Funny Puppy Names
High Energy Names
For Energetic Dogs

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These funny puppy names are the perfect naming answer for owners that recognize their pups zest for life. These dogs embrace whatever comes their way with an energetic tail wag that can’t be matched….or stopped.

High energy Bulldog getting down with it's bad self

Is it cloudy and rainy outside? Your upbeat pup doesn't care when there’s so much fun to be found inside.

Are you feeling down and blue? They have the personality and spunk to make you laugh and forget what you were blue about.

When you come home from work, is your pup all over you with wet kisses and a contagious attitude that lifts your spirits?

Then these funny puppy names for energetic dogs are for you.

What you’ll find below is a list of suggestions and lively naming ideas after things that are high energy. Things and terms from nature, as well as terms we associate with high oomph.

Male & Female Energetic Dog Names

Cha Cha: After a rhythmic Latin dance, a perfect funny puppy name for the dog whose whole south end can’t keep still when it hears music.

Dizzy: For the pup who gets so excited when it sees you or the kids that it almost gets motion sickness.

DynoMutt: The canine version of dynamite, this pups explosive energy and high velocity tail wagging can poop out those watching

Fiesta: Means to celebrate something, we think of the pooch that’s a four legged party with fur.

Jitterbug: We can see this as a funny puppy name on a small breed. Your little Bug can hardly contain it’s excitement for playtime.

Rampage: Not a good choice for the dog that’s a couch potato, this energetic naming idea suit’s the pooch whose antics leave everyone laughing.

Skedaddle: This funny puppy name means to runaway from something quickly, and to blame the cat when possible.

high energy running dog

Our Energetic Dog Names List…

Andretti After famous Indy driver Mario Andretti
Blaze For a dog whose energy at times is out of control
Blizzard A high energy storm, good name for a white dog
Bolt As in lightening fast
Bongo Type of drum used during dance frenzy’s
Boogaloo Type of hip-hop/funk dance
Boogie This pup shakes it's thang to all music
BooKoo Energy drink brand, this dog has BooKoo energy
Buck What broncos do after they leave the chute
Bullet Magnums a high powered name too
Buzz Results of too much caffeine, not a bad thing
Cayenne A type of hot pepper
Cheetah The fastest land animal even if it's a cat
Chipotle Type of hot pepper, Chili’s also a spicy name
Cobra A fast, sleek muscle car
Crockett Ivory Crockett, running world record holder
Cuppa Slang for a cup of coffee
Cyclone A highly energetic spiraling cloud
Dash Means to rush at a high speed
Disco A dance style, for pup who loves Donna Summers
Dynamo A real go-getter
Electron A high energy part of an atom
Espresso Concentrated coffee, good for brown colored pup
Fireball An energetic spherical mass of fire, Sparky
Flash A canine burst of energy, Blaze is good name too
Energetic Corgi

FloJo Nickname of Florence Joyner, one fast runner
Gallop This pup takes off when it knows it’s walktime
Gale High speed wind, not quite a tornado
Go-Go This dog is always on the move-move
Habanero Type of a hot, spicy pepper
Halley Haley’s Comet blasts by Earth at 150,000 mph!
Happy Happy is energy for the spirit
Hurricane A typical cyclone, for an atypical dog
Hyper This name idea means high strung and upbeat
Ivory Ivory Crockett, sprinting world record holder
Jalapeno We can see this as a good fit for a Chihuahua
Java Slang for coffee, good for a brown pooch
Jet A fast plane, no waiting at the airport for this pup
Jive A Latin style of dance
Jolt Unlike this energy drink, your pal won’t let you down
Mambo Another style of dance
Maniac Cats hide when Maniac is in the room
Mischief This pup has tendency towards naughty behavior
Mocha Coffee mixed with chocolate, strong and sweet
Monsoon After high winds and heavy rains
Monster An energy drink brand, good name for small dogs
Neutron A high energy part of an atom
Nitro For a highly explosive pup
Nova What happens when stars (and dogs) explode
Octane A high octane pup, not a lazy (unleaded) dog

Orbit This pooch runs circles around the rest
Pantera A high end, fast, sleek sport car
Paprika A sweet red pepper, brings flavor to life
Pepper A spicy vegetable, good for spicy black dogs
Peppy This pooch is full of energy and high spirits
Perky Another word for upbeat and uplifting
Piston Part of an engine that goes at breakneck speeds
Popcorn Cute name for a bouncy light-coated dog
Porsche Fast dog name after a fast car most can’t afford
Proton First dog on ur block named after part of an atom.
Racey Gentlemen, start your engines!
Rally A type of race
Rampage A form of unbridled doggie behavior
Rev What you do to an engine to go fast
Ricochet Funny puppy name for dog that bounces everywhere
Rocket A high powered launch vehicle
Rockstar The high energy pooch that has lots of groupies
Rowdy Noisy, disorderly, unruly but lovable
Ruckus This pups a force to be reckoned with
Rumba Style of dance, Samba makes a good choice too
Rush Moves with speed towards it‘s bowl at dinnertime
Salsa A popular, spicy dish served with chips
Serrano A type of hot pepper
Sirocco A hot wind in North Africa and Southern Europe
Skedaddle To run away quickly from any “accident”
Skippy A happy title & pupular brand of peanut butter
Sparky An upbeat name for a pooch
Speedy For the dog that’s capable of moving very fast
Spitfire For a highly excitable canine
Sprint A funny puppy name if the owner loves to run
Sprite For the playful four legged spirit
Spunky Means energetic, courageous and fears no cats
Sugar It's sweet and energizes, like your pal
Sunny For the pooch with an upbeat disposition
Tabasco A hot pepper, nothing bland about this dog
Tango An upbeat dance
Tempest Energetic weather system like a tornado
Tornado A high energy wind phenomenon
Torque To twist, rotate or spin
Torrent Strong and fast moving stream or a deluge
Tsunami A massive, unstoppable wall of water
Turbo The extra boost in a canine engine
Twister For the pup that moves over 100 mph
Typhoon A tropical cyclone in the Pacific Ocean
Volt Related to electricity, a close relative to Zap
Vroom Vroom-Vroom on a highly energetic day
Wild Fire An uncontrollable fire, Blaze is a good choice too
Wild Thing For the high energy dog that loves to flirt
Zap Have you ever gotten zapped by electricity?
Zoom Zoom A close relative to Vroom Vroom

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