Favorite Dog Names
For The Pup With A Happy Personality

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Smiling Golden Retriever

When looking for favorite dog names that will fit your pal the best, sometimes owners will look to their pups color or size for ideas, or in this case it’s personality for naming clues.

Some puppies exude a calm, laid back style, while others stand out as being really energetic. Yet there’s also the pooch that’s naturally cheerful. If you’re the fortunate owner of one you know what we mean.

These Happy Dogs...

-Have a certain bounce in their step which reveal that they don’t have a single care.

-Their tails are in constant motion, and always going a mile a minute. If it could be attached to an electrical grid it could power a city!

-They’re always happy to see everyone, and everything for that matter, as life is always a new adventure.

It’s to these cheery pups that this favorite dog names page is dedicated, as the ideas below are after things that are happy or bring happiness, just like your pal does.

Our Male And Female Happy Dog Names

Bingo: This pups happy personality is always a winner

Blessing: The joy this pooch brings is a blessing

Bliss: This pups tail is in constant wag mode

Bouncy: Likely to bounce, happy name for an energetic pup

Bubbles: This pup loves floating from one caper to another

Caper: Playful and without a care in the world

Cheerful: A favorite dog name for the canine optimist

Cheery: Another word for happiness

Chipper: Always upbeat, always joyful

Chortle: For your pal that brings gleeful laughter

Chuckles: Another favorite word for laughter

Clown: Your favorite pup always clowns around

Conan: Conan O'Brien comedian, for a comical pooch with high hair

Confetti: Little paper bits dropped for special occasions

Cupcake: It’s hard to scold a joyful pup named Cupcake

Happy dog and owner

Delight: Something that gives happiness, like your favorite buddy

Espresso: High energy and always full of doggie shenanigans

Farley: After Chris Farley, comedian

Felice: Means happy in Italian, Feliz In Spanish means happy

Fiesta: This puppy is a fiesta on four legs

Frolic: To play joyously and to be carefree

Gallagher: Hilarious comedian and prop comic

Giggles: Little laughs that tend to come from children

Glee: TV show with a musical theme, means great delight

Goldie: This pup is worth it’s weight in gold

Goofy: Silly and playful, also a Disney dog

Happy: What better way to describe your pal?

Hijinks: A term for lively, mischievous enjoyment

Hoopla: Another favorite name for excitement

Hoot: A name for a funny pup that’s a hoot to be around

Howdy: Always glad to meet strangers with a warm Howdy!

Jelly Bean: We’ve never met a Jelly Bean we didn’t like

Joker: The dog that successfully makes others laugh

Jolly: Santa is often rightly accused of being this

Joy: Unique name for a puppy that brings just this

The happy couple

Joyful: To be full of joy and happiness

Jubilee: A favorite joyful time or season

Lively: Animated, upbeat, and full of energy

Lucky: Meeting Lucky was the happiest day of your life

Merry: A favorite word for joyful, as in Merry Christmas

Peppy: Alert, upbeat and always in an uplifting mood

Perky: Always self confident, nothing gets Perky down

Playful: Full of fun and the life of any party

Rainbow: With Rainbow you’ve met your pot of gold

Revel: Short for revelry, for the pup that's a party favorite

Silly: Concerned more with having fun than anything else

Snicker(s): A favorite word for laughter, and a darn sweet dog

Spree: For shoppers this pups the ultimate spree

Sunny: This pup has a bright disposition even on cloudy days

Sunshine: A favorite name for a dog that is cheerful and radiant

Tickles: To make someone laugh by hitting the right spots

Whimsy: A bit eccentric but fun nonetheless

Zany: Always full of madcap dog foolery

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happy dancing dog

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