Cutest Dog Photo Contests
Does Your Pal Have What It Takes
To Be Named Our Cutest Dog?

Winning our Cutest Dog Photo Contest could be just the thing that will propel your pup to fame and fortune! Is your pal cuter than the rest? Then here's the place to prove it.

What Our Panel Of Judge Is Looking For….

During the course of this contest our crack panel of judge (we couldn't afford more than one) will choose the cutest pooch from the many pictures of pups that are sent in by our visitors. Though all entries are welcome, we really like entries that…

1. Use Proper spelling, grammar and punctuation. All entries USING ONLY LARGE CASE LETTERS will not be accepted.

2. Tell us about your pup. Since we believe that there's more to your dog than just a pretty face, along with it's photo tell us all about him/her.

3. Include people or other pets in the picture with your dog if you can. Got a good shot with your kids and your pup? Visitors and Grandmothers love seeing pictures like these!

If This Is A Contest…What Are The Prizes?

The winner of our monthly Dog Photo Contests will receive…

1. His or Her picture in a place of honor on our website for one month.

2. The fame that comes with it. Because of the Internets global reach, your pups photo will be seen by thousands of visitors from around the globe each month, from India, to Ecuador, from Paris to Cleveland Ohio!

3. The fortune that comes from fame. Offers to star in movies? Million dollar modeling contracts? We can't guarantee any of these for your pooch, but we will place your pals photo on our Homepage.

All new winners of our photo contest will be announced around the first day of each month, so be sure to enter before this month ends.

Your pup can't win a photo contest unless you submit his/her picture. As you scroll down the entry form below you'll see where it says...Upload 1-4 Pictures or Graphics, right next to it click the Browse button which will let you browse your stored computer/cell phone images of your pal, double click on the image you want from your computer/cell phone which will allow that picture to be submitted to our contest.