Celtic Dog Names
Great If You're From Ireland
Or Own An Irish Setter or Wolfhound

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Celtic dog names are a great choice for a new pet that hails from Ireland, like an Irish Setter or the Irish Wolfhound. A Celtic moniker could also be a consideration for a pooch whose owner is Irish, lives there, or has fond memories of time spent in this beautiful country. Of course, some pet owners may simply like the exotic sound of a Celtic dog name for their unique pup.

Irish Setter beauty

If you are considering the name for a specific Irish breed, keep in mind their breed characteristics and common personality traits when determining exactly what to title them. The Irish Wolfhound is by far the most distinctive of the breeds from this country with a history that dates back to 300 AD when they were mentioned by the Roman council. The Wolfhound has been known by several other breed names but is most easily recognized for its height and slender physique. Considered a gentle giant, it is one of the tallest breeds in the world. Wolfhounds have a hardy, muscular body along with a rough, shaggy coat that comes in a variety of colors. They have a commanding presence and a very gentle spirit.

Irish Setters are typically known as sporting pups and are most easily recognized by their distinctive red coats. These elegant canines have a silky, long coat with a long muzzle and triangular shaped ears that are proportionate to their muscular body. These animals are best known for being energetic, intelligent, and loyal.

There are an abundance of interesting and unique Celtic dog names to consider, like the name suggestions on the list below. Be sure to also visit our Irish Names page for additional Celtic ideas for your pup.

Male And Female Celtic Dog Name Lists

Aife: A great warrior woman of Celtic myth, this choice would be well suited for a female Irish Wolfhound.

Andraste: Meaning “victory,” this would be a great Celtic idea for a sporting or hunting dog who loves to seek out a good catch.

Briana: This choice means “strong” and would be a great idea for a large, commanding breed like the Irish Wolfhound.

Dei: Meaning “to shine,” good for a family dog with a lively personality, such as a Setter, would do justice to this Celtic naming choice.

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Erin/Erie: Meaning “from Ireland,” Erin would be a perfect fit for an Celtic female pup and Erie would be well suited for an Irish male.

Fiona: This is a beautiful title that means “white” or “comely” and would fit well with a white, female that has a gentle, loving spirit.

Koun: The word literally means “hound” so would be well suited for a pet in the hound group, or just in reference to a four legged friend.

Mabon: A male choice meaning “divine son,” a dog with this Celtic title will be a blessing to its owners and an important part of the family.

Maureen/Moreen: A choice that means “great” any owner would be proud to use this as an affectionate title for their beloved furry friend.

Piran: A Celtic naming idea that means “little black one,” this would be a good choice for a small pooch with a black coat.

Taranis: A Celtic moniker referring to the mythical thunder god, an excellent choice for a male dog with a commanding presence or strong personality.

Additional Celtic Dog Names Include...




















































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