Cajun Dog Names
For The Dog Who’s A Mardi Gras On Four Legs

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Cajun dog names may be perfect for any breed of pup if you happen to like the sound of the word. Many of these names have deep meaning to those of this ethnic background. Many millions of other people love Cajun food and music, causing this culture to spread throughout the world. A once-French territory in southern North American, the area later became known as the state of Louisiana.

A small pooch can be fitted with such a call name after Cajun food and music which tends toward spicy and energetic, while a large breed can be just as suited to a cultural name because of the large number of people who love this culture. In some cases, you might choose based on the personality of the pup but you can just as easily select based on the fact that you and your dog like the tone of the name.

Our Cajun Puppy Name Lists...

Amos Moses: Jerry Reed created a song, likely entirely fictional, telling of a one-armed Cajun alligator fighter. A huge, strong dog could easily be known by this Cajun dog name even if he doesn’t fight ‘gators.

Arcadia: This feminine name actually means “Cajun” or “from Arcadia” and is a great flavorful selection for any lady dog.

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Beau: Beauregard is the surname of a well known Civil War soldier who was killed in the battle of Shiloh. His ghost, it is said, wonders the streets of New Orleans at night whispering “Shiloh”. It also refers to a gentleman of grace and breeding.

Evangeline: This poem, by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow commemorates the deportation of many Cajuns from the U.S. in years gone by and is a pleasing lady’s name.

Katrina: Although this hurricane wiped out much of the southern region, they have rebuilt and this title is no longer thought of in negative terms. It will always be famous as the storm that broke the levies in Louisiana.

Levee: A major part of Cajun country’s ability to live on dry land is the result of building levees along the Mississippi River since much of this country is below sea level. Choose this for a male dog.

Magnolia: The tree and blossom of the tree which represents Louisiana, known for its huge Cajun population and culture.

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NOLA: This is an acronym which means “New Orleans Louisiana” by using the “NO” of New Orleans and the LA postal abbreviation of the state, making a beautiful call sign for a lady dog. If you prefer, spell it with lower case after the initial capital or leave it as all capitals.

Parrish: The Cajun area of the U.S. does not break land into counties but into Parishes operated by Parrish government. This unique word would make a great one for your pooch’s name.

Zydaco: Cajun music reflecting jazz, southern blues, and combining aspects of African and Asian music into a unique, truly unique sound. No other dog in the park is likely to respond to this name, or be able to spell it!

Additional Cajun Dog Names Include...

   Adelaide    Crayfish    Louisa
   Alphonze    Dempsey    Mardi Gras
   Alli    Dixie    Orleans
   Amedee    Elvira    Pierre
   Alzophine    Etouffee    Reel
   Armond    Evan    Rex
   Angel    Fat Tuesday    Roy
   Bourbon    Fish Hook    Shiloh
   Banshee    Gumbo    Sinker
   Bayou    Gator    Snake
   Beau    Gustave    Sugar Cane
   Bubba    Heloise    Swamp
   Buford     Homer    Van
   Clovis    Landry    Vangeline
   Crawdad    Louie    Virgil
   Creole    Lowland    Zenobia
   Crewe    Louis    Zena

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