Boy Puppy Names
Unique And Cute Ideas For The Little Guy

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Boy puppy names, like puppies themselves, can come in all shapes and sizes. Sure, owners such as yourself can no doubt be easily overwhelmed with all the cute choices on sites like this, but how does one find just the perfect, unique boy puppy dog name?

Beautiful German Shepherd puppy

Whether a puppy name is a good one or not is very subjective and personal, so how does one choose the right one? A starting point might be to try matching either your dogs appearance, such as color or size, or his personality with an appropriate name.

Does your puppy always bounce around and seem cheery? Then maybe Happy, or Joy might make a good name. Is he Brown colored? Then maybe Kahlua or Java might be good choice. Also, some of the best name choices can be made based upon general impressions like…he just looked like a Barney or Buster.

Yes, we here at this website understand that choosing the right boy puppy name can be daunting at times, so we humbly offer even more name ideas below, not to add to your confusion, but to hopefully get you started off on the right paw…err…right foot!

Our Boy Puppy Name Lists….

Bogart: Shared by a famous movie actor of years gone by, this puppy will have an air of class and grace about him, holding his head high with confidence.

Cairo: An ancient Egyptian city, the meaning of the title is “victorious,” and would be well suited for an adventurous, sporting dog.

Dallas: Perfect for a boy puppy whose owner originates in this southwestern city, or for a puppy that was rescued or purchased there. It is also a good name for a pet that loves roaming the countryside.

Tired Bulldog puppy

Espresso: There’s nothing decaffeinated about this energetic boy.

Fortune: For that pooch that just seems to have all the luck; possibly one that was rescued out of a bad situation.

Gizmo: This puppy will be small in size, but big at heart. He will be proud, confident, and completely certain that he really is a big dog!

Houdini: This boy always disappears at bath time, yet mysteriously reappears around dinnertime.

Muscles: A good name for a Pit bull, or a Chihuahua who thinks he’s a Pit bull.

Oblong: A perfect match for a Dachshund!

3-Putt: A good name for a pooch whose owner loves golf, but has difficulty with his putting.

Wyatt: A laidback, gentle spirit, this boy canine takes his time getting from point to point, but still enjoys the great outdoors and spending time in nature.

Additional Boy Puppy Name Ideas…

   Adonis    Fu Man Chew    Mirage
   Alex    Gatsby    Molasses
   Aries    Genghis    Nacho
   Baja    Gilligan    Nibbles
   Banjo    Gomer    Nietzsche
   Barney Fife    Hamlet    Nitro
   Beefcake    Havana    Omelet
   Cabernet    Homeboy    Ozone
   Cagney    Khan    Pantera
   Capone    Koda    Patches
   Cheyenne    Letterman    Polka
   Dakota    Liberace    Porsche
   Denali    Lovechild    Rhythm
   Doodad    Lyric    Rickles
   Echo    Magoo    Romeo
   Esprit       Mariachi    Salem
   Fable    Meatball    Séance

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