Australian Dog Names
Naming Ideas From The Land Down Under

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Australian dog names should reflect the unique language of the Land Down Under. Those Australian pups that live on the farms, called stations, are frequently working canines and very valuable to the livelihoods of their families.

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Perhaps you might be even looking for Australian cattle dog names, which is a relatively new breed and, therefore, there are many records on its development. Even with these records, there is much controversy about the exact breeds used to create this new breed of canine. This Australian breed was designed to withstand the often harsh and changeable weather of the Outback and bred for stamina since stations are often thousands of acres in size.

Most often, these pups are black or blue-black in color and are frequently called "Heelers" since they were bred to be easily trained to heel. They are remarkably smart and outgoing. They are great at solving problems and are very easy to care for, requiring little grooming.

Our Australian Dog Names List...

4D Acres: This idea is a "pun" on "forty acres", the size of a very small station in Australia. It makes a creative choice for a male or female pet.

Avatar: This Australian choice means "something that represents me" and since these pups were bred to help the station owner herd cows, they were actually an extension of the herder making this a great choice for a canine.

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A-May-Z: This suggestion, when spoken, is "Amaze" and these dogs truly amaze their owners with their intelligence and loyalty.

Austock: A combination of the words "Aussie" and "stock", this loosely refers to herding the stock of the Aussie station and works for male for female.

Billy: An Australian title that belongs to a pooch that has a sweet, endearing personality and loves to please his owners.

Croc: Crocodiles are inhabitants of the rivers Down Under and this choice refers to the fact that the pup can, if it wishes, bite quite hard. This choice works best for a male but could be used for a female if desired.

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Dundee: This is taken from the famous Australian Crocodile Dundee movies where the hero was very creative and could solve hard problems in unique ways. This reflects the problem solving ability of these unique dogs. Best chosen for males.

Jamboree: This refers to the Australian festivals and parties treasured in this huge land where residents travel miles to gather. Use this for either male or female.

Walker: Taken from the term "walkabout" which means to travel on foot for miles, these canines have the stamina to do just that, making this a great boy's choice.

Wallaby: A small kangaroo-like creature from Down Under, this title could be perfect for either a boy or girl.

Other Australian Dog Name Ideas…


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