American Eskimo Dog Names
Cool Naming Ideas From A Cccccold Region

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American Eskimo dog names can reflect the heritage of the canine or the cold land of the far, far north. There are so many unique and unusual choices from which to select, you'll have no problems choosing one that is right for your pup.

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This breed of pup is quite beautiful and powerful. It is small to medium in size and usually white in color with small black tips on the ears. The ears are triangular and stand at alert. Today these once-working American Eskimo dogs are mainly companions.

These American Eskimo pups descended from the Spitz breed, combined with the Keeshond and Pomeranian. Like the Pom, they have tails which loop over the back and have long "feathers". During the 19th century, they were popular as trick dogs for the circus.

These gorgeous American Eskimo dogs are very bright and loving. When trained well, they obey readily because they love pleasing their people. They do want a good bit of exercise and some exercise daily is crucial to their happiness. They require some grooming to prevent knots in their long fur. But they are quite easy to keep and make great companion. They are good with children when socialized well.

American Eskimo Dog Names List

3 Dog Night: This term refers to a night so cold that it requires three pups to sleep with you to keep you from freezing. No, it isn't just a title of a rock band! Use it for either gender.

Ala: Short for Alaska, this American Eskimo dog name would suit well on a male or female of this breed but it sounds more feminine in nature. It is pronounced just like "ala King"

Aurora: Short for Aurora Borealis, the Northern Lights, this American Eskimo title is great for any lady and could be used for a male if desired.

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Borealis: The second part of the name of the Northern Lights, this is an interesting sounding choice and you won't hear it in the park! It work would well for a male, much better than Aurora, but could be used for a lady American Eskimo dog.

Igloo: A structure made of cut ice blocks, this Eskimo dog name refers to dwelling used by the natives of Alaska, especially in olden times or when traveling through the tundra. Works for either gender.

Jerky: Often when refrigeration is not available or for long treks, meat is preserved by creating dried jerky and this will suit either gender quite well.

Mukluk: A title given to soft fur boots, it refers to the soft, long fur of these great pets. It works for either gender equally well.

Parka: A crucial part of clothing of the far north, these large, furry coats keep in the warmed. Use it for either boys or girls.

Polaris: Referring to the North Star, this American Eskimo dog name would work great for any pet from this region.






































   North Star









   Polar Bear





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