Personalized Dog Gifts
Your Pal Will Love Seeing Its Name In Print

These unique personalized dog gifts are a great way to celebrate and immortalize your newly found dogs name by having it imprinted on your pups food bowl, mat, treat jar, ID tags and more. 

Our website is proud to partner with who are masters at offering personalized dog gifts designed to make your Rover feel good all over! These products also make great anytime gifts to family or friends who have just acquired a new dog.

 Want to see how your pooches name will look on a product? Then click on the Personalize This link under each product image below where you'll be able to see how your pups name will look on it... all final personalization is free.

Personalized Dog Gifts Categories

Dog ID Tags... See all of our Dog ID Tags

Personalize This Dog ID Tag
With It's Name And Return Address

-All Metal Tag
-4 Different Shapes
-3 Designs & 4 Colors Available
Find your dog in a flash!
Personalize This Dog ID Tag
With It's Name And Return Address

-All Metal Tag
-4 Different Shapes
-6 Colors To Choose From
All dogs and cats should have them

Food & Water Bowls... See all of our Dog Bowls

Personalize This Bowl
With Your Dogs Name

-Choose From 2 Sizes And 4 Colors
Add your pet's name framed within the dog bone and there will be no mistaking whose dinner is ready!

Personalize This Bowl
With Your Dogs Name

-Choose From 5 Colors
-Available In 2 Bowl Sizes
Order one for food and one for water!

Food Mats... See all of our Food Mats

Personalize This Dog Meal Mat
-With Your Pups Name
-5 Colors To Choose From
All dogs (and cats too) deserve
to dine in style
Personalize This Dog Meal Mat
-With Your Pups Name
-Comes In 8 Colors
-Has 33 Different Breeds To Pick From
Your Bandit will think this is a steal!

Personalized Fun Stuff For Your Dog...

Personalize This Treat Jar
-Add 2 Lines Of Personalization
-Retro Doggie Diner Bone Design
A subtle way of telling others to paws off of your Harlow’s treats!
Personalized Embroidered Toy Liner
-1 Line Of Personalization
-12 Colors To Cordinate From
Basket sold separately
Your dog or cat will love this!

Define Your Dog Pillow
-Add Your Dog’s Name
-4 Color Designs To Match Any Room
-Choose From 12 Dog Graphics
-Add Your Own Dog Definitions
Personalized Sweatshirt Blanket
-33 Dog Breeds To Choose From
-2 Lines Of Text
Remind The World That
This Is Your Max’s Chair!

Personalize This Hoodie Or T-Shirt
-With Your Pups Name
-8 Colors Available
Tell the world how proud you are to be your dog’s Mom or Dad
Personalize This Photo Frame
-With Your Pups Name
-4 Color Combinations
-Horizontal or Vertical Orientation
Pet’s photo surrounded by treasured and humorous sayings

Personalize This Plaque With Hooks
-One Line Of Writing Within Bone
-5 Colors To Choose From
A cool way to hang your dogs leashes and stuff…Your cat will be envious
Pawz-Essions Dog Tote Bag
-Personalize With Your Pups Name
-4 Paw Colors, 2 Lines Of Text
A grrrreat way to take your pups stuff to the groomers, vets, or Grandma’s

Personalized Memorial Stone
-With Your Passed Pups Name
-Realistic Resin Stone For Less Weight
-Choose different animal graphics to memorialize other animals too
Personalized Peace, Love, Dogs Mug
-With Your Pups Name And Picture
-Comes In Different Sizes
See your dogs mug on your mug!

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